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Small update

We are still adding the finishing touches to the first mini game. I have been improving my Game Maker skills over the last few days preparing for the 2nd Mini Game creation in sync with Alex creating the 3rd.

Malcolm has been thinking about the next fire pet. Hopefully we have something to show off soon.

Hope you enjoyed our quick update.


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Revealing our new water pet

Hey guys, just a quick reveal of our new water pet.

Some of the animations are faster than others, but you will get the general idea.

Let us know what you think, the pet is now ready to be implemented into the game.

Thanks for tuning in guys.



New Pet and Learning Curves!

As I said in the last post, In an aid to learn some programming and to move this game along I have taken up the making of our 2nd Mini Game for Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure. The first day on it has been really tough as I have very little programming. The good thing is I have Alex as guidance and he will be going through everything I do to ensure a high quality mini game and polish any rough edges.

The central theme of this game is a collection of small mini games which has a working title of “Little Monsters’ Party Game”. The aim of the game is for the player to complete small tasks within the allotted time. The game is fast paced and switches between these tasks randomly and increases in difficulty. The theme of course focuses on the pets who are trying to beat you. You, the player have three lives and you each time you fail a task you lose one. The purpose of the game is to get the highest score you can.

In relation to the tasks, we will outline them in future, so keep your eyes peeled.

In other news, Malcolm has begun work on a new Water Pet, here is an early concept Malcolm has for us.

Water Swamp pet

We will be meeting with Alex tomorrow night and will have hopefully have his latest update in the morning. If it’s ready Malcolm and I will discuss the testing session and video creation. We really want it to be tested before we make a video as we don’t want our testers to know how it plays out before they play it.

Thanks for tuning in today and I hope you check us out again


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Needed Update

I know I have been saying it forever now but we are nearing showing off our mini game and starting the testing session.

I will begin trying to program the 2nd Mini Game. Which we will reveal what it is soon. It’s going to be an experience, but I want to aid this game forward any way I can. I will have Alex to call upon should I need help. This allows him to Jump on to the 3rd Mini Game & Phase 3. Then he can look over my programming meanwhile or after. I am still Leading Design, PR and assisting Malcolm so I will be balancing it in between the work I have to get done.

I apologize for not sharing much on the first Mini Game, as we wanted to make sure its bug free before we do, however every bug fix seems to lead to more. We are aiming for Monday or Tuesday this week.

Thanks for reading!


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Testing Documents Ready

I prepared a couple of testing documents for our upcoming testing session. One is for our base game and one for our mini game. We want to test the mini game with two different people. Ones that tested the base game and ones that haven’t to see how they feel about the importance between the base game and the mini games. If you would like to test, keep your eyes peeled as we will be having a testing session soon!

We are having a meeting with Alex, who hopefully has the rest of the bugs and issues that we outlined last time fixed. If this is the case we will begin the testing session followed by a video demonstration of the game.

Malcolm changed around some of the pilot select screen User Interface. It looks a lot neater and less cluttered.

We will either post an update tomorrow or Wednesday in regards to where the game stands and if its ready for testing.

Thanks for reading!



Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure

We would like to announce that we have changed the name of our game to “Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure” with effect immediately. We also have a new banner/logo for the game. Older posts will still contain the words “Monstrum” however for reference this name is no longer in use by us.

New Name Banner

What do you think of the new name and logo? Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated. Welcome to our development blog of our up and coming game Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure. The game and its development remain unchanged.

Thanks for reading,


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Character Select Screen

Today Malcolm began working on the pet select screen for choosing which pet you want to play in the mini game. It will give you information such as, which element it belongs to thus what ability it will have, its current affection (this is because if you force it to play games when any of its needs are low you will lose affection overtime, once its empty the pet will refuse to play anymore). Other information includes, its current top score.

Pilot Selection Screen

Today I have been researching how to properly PR our game in relation to making review packages and how too approach reviewers. Also just general marketing advice for releasing our game.

We will be meeting Alex on Wednesday and begin arranging the testing and video demonstration.

Thanks for reading!



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