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General Update

The last couple of weeks have been busy for every member in the team in regards to personal reasons. Therefore the last couple of weeks have not been the most productive for some members and that’s fine, because we are quite far into our game development. We have a version of the base game, two out of three mini games complete. We have a working playable version of our third mini game and we know exactly what direction its going in terms of design. In terms of the updated version of the base game, we have added our features such as our care home, a prototype of our card system, a prototype of our shop. All the areas and pets are created and we only need to add dynamics or touch ups to the areas. Once this work is complete we just have to join up the base game and mini games, make sure saving works and that information carries over appropriately. The other big thing is just constant testing.

I recently got a part time job, which means I get out more, meet new people and be a bit more financially secure. This job will rarely if at any time affect my work on the game, as design is complete on all areas it can be and I have a constant window of communication with the team. The only reason it affected me last week was because it was also my birthday on the days I was off, my partner could only get the day after my birthday off now that’s finished for me things return to normal.

With the rest of the team, everything returns to normal as well and we will continue to work hard to get this game tested, completed and released.

Thank you for all the people who took time to read our blog



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Designer Update

Last time I posted, I posted under Alpha Revolver Games as I felt both my design work and what was happening at ARG tied in.

This weeks focus is going to be working on Air Balloon score interface. We want to make sure that the score is easy to read for players during the frantic game play. These changes are very minor and are just finial bits of polish to add onto the game before we get further testing feedback.

I will be working closely with each team member as they progress through the final elements of our game, from Steven with the treasure hunt game, to Alex who is working on the card & shop system, as well as the general changes to the base game. Malcolm will hopefully begin working on the art work for the dynamics and interfaces for what Alex is working on.

I will continue doing some PR work ready for points of discussion within the game with the team members.

Whilst we aren’t moving at the fastest pace in the world, we are making steady progress much of what can be done with design is complete until we are ready to put our mini games out for testing and as we come to various subject matter during group discussions about if what I have outlined is going to be the best possible way to do things. The team members usually have great ideas, that mean we can still get what we want but it adds some more diversity. For example the AI for treasure hunt game that I discussed a while back on the blog.

Thanks for tuning in folks.


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What is in the works?

Hey guys,

Just an update to let you know how we are getting on.

Malcolm finished up the rest of the backgrounds before he went on holiday, now hes returned to finish up his final draft of the last background, which is pretty much ready. Next Malcolm will be working on dynamics and interface.

Alex is now working on the card display prototype, which he should have ready to demonstrate to us this week.

Steven and the rest of us had a big discussion about finalizing the direction of the AI and how it would work in this game, The outcome was great. Originally we planned to have wandering AI, which would chase the player if it saw them, the player could take sharp turns or use an ability to lose the. The enemies top speed was higher than the players, but it had to accelerate.

Now we have stationary AI, which will power up if the player comes near them, during a power up the player cannot do anything but run. After a very short power up the enemy will chase the player until it runs out of charge, at which point it will stop, and begin recharging. This gives the player a chance to deactivate the AI. However in later tiers it might not be possible to deactivate AI. Also you do not have time to go about deactivating all of the AI. The player has to be careful on the way back that they haven’t made it more difficult for themselves to get out, by leaving a recharging AI in a place it will catch them.

However we weren’t happy that you had nothing to worry about other than stationary threats, so we are introducing a drone. The drone is an enemy that will patrol an area and if it finds you then it will try an alert the nearest stationary AI if its in range. This way you don’t know if it managed to activate an enemy or not. The drone does more, it also follows the player, but its really slow, if you manage to lose it then at least it wont activate the nearest stationary AI if its in range. It also grants the AI slight buffs, so having a drone catch you is a dangerous thing. However if you are smart you will be able to avoid it and if it does catch you, and you lose it, it will return to patrolling. The drone cannot be stopped, nor will it be able to apprehend you.

This new change to the AI allows for much more tactical play and mechanics to be introduced, and you still have the threat of a patrolling enemy to worry about, whilst trying to avoid or overcome traps.

Garry is soon going to be rendering the final pieces of music for our areas, which we look forward to!

I spent this week working with Alex and coming up with some short mobile projects that we can start to undertake after this, whilst working on our next venture.

Thanks for tuning in folks,


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Designer update

Hi folks,

So the last couple of posts I have made about design has been through Alpha Revolver Games account rather than mine. This is because it’s easy to forget you are logged into the wrong account.

As Malcolm said below the third and final mini game is well underway. A lot of things have changed from the original design document and after my recent rewriting of the design document, I can really see the contrast. All the team members have been great at influencing the design, and that’s important. Not only does everyone feel more invested in it, but they challenge your ideas and make some really great suggestions that make it into the game.

A lot of time when Steven has been working I work alongside him, he explains his code his mindset and we discuss potential ideas in relation to design and he gives me programmer feedback.

A couple of major points of the game still have to be discussed and confirmed. We have ideas for enemies and traps, but it’s all relative to having a discussion about it. That being said we are pretty confident in our choices and we are sticking to our goals of fun, repayable and accessible.

I am really excited for the themes, I’m in two minds about making them slightly differ in terms of traps or enemies on a mechanics standpoint, however it might be more beneficial to have all of the traps and enemies in all of the games.

We are approaching the time to begin uploading our game.exe for people on forums and websites to try and give feedback. Some little tweaks need to be made to the game just in terms of balance and the way things work and potentially some SFX. This feedback will be fantastic for us, and it will allow us to adjust for balance changes, find out whats fun, what’s not fun and fix it accordingly. If you would like to test our executable’s then make sure to keep an eye on this site.

The base game is coming along great, as we finish wrapping up the foods, all that’s really left is for Alex to give them certain values. We still need to get Malcolms version of the store, but right now he is working on the last 4 areas, 2 of which are complete already. We still have plenty of dynamics to add to the game, which will make all the areas seem so much more alive.

I have written up documents for cards, achievements and quests, for the most part all the cards that I can finish have been finished, now I just need to wait for more assets before I can make the last of them. I have written achievements and still need to write quest ideas, but we know how they are going to work. We hope to get these three features into the game, because it will add a lot.



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Artist Update 019 – Treasure Hunter Ultimate!

The third and final mini game is well under way. Steve has has made some great progress and the games really coming together nicely.

This games art is using Game Makers built in tiling system, which is a first for me but its pretty straight forward stuff, and the heavy lifting seems to be on Stevens side. You basically make a sheet of tiles all the same size and the code finds the correct tile, and puts it in the game. So Steven handed me his place holder (Pictured Below) and explained how I should layout my replacements and their variations.


Using this as a template I put in new art. Tile type in rows and tile variations in columns:

Treasure hunt Tile Set WIPV3

There are some tiles still to be completed as you can see, the Trap tile and the Darkness, mainly because we hadn’t 100% designed them yet and I’m juggling some main game stuff with this.

The Ancient Ruin is just one of the themes that will be in Treasure Hunter, another one we have decided on is a futuristic theme, with white walls and floors, and perhaps security beams? We will see. :)

Stay Tuned.


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