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Hey everyone

We finally have our videos ready to show off and you will be able to view it here! We have two videos. One that is just game play without talking and one which is the developer video that’s in depth look at our game. We recommend that you check out the developer video as it will give you more insight to the game and even though the other video is great it isn’t reflective of our final product and is still in the early development stages.

We really hope you guys enjoy our video, please leave us feedback via Youtube or in our contact section on this site. Feel free to share the video with friends or family.

Here is the Gameplay only

Here is the Developer Commentary 

Thanks for watching!


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Quick Update

Hey Gals and guys, we had everything ready but we still have one bug to overcome which we thought we would have today. We aim to have it up over the weekend or Monday.



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Smooth Moves & Applying Character

I went through all the fluff pet sprites. Whilst it looked decent before, if you looked at it properly you could notices shaking and different sizes of sprites. Well I went through them all and made them all exactly the same size and no signs of shaking! Next on the list is the fire sprites and applying the same treatment ready for our Friday target video.

Malcolm’s been working on the fixing up the fire area that I created to give it some more depth. A perspective of the fire area for the fire pet we have just now will be given to Alex to program into the game tonight. In the morning we will determine if the size of the fire pet is what we want and as a result it will determine what size I will be making all of the fire sprites tomorrow.

Garry sent us the fluff interaction SFX and that is now in the game. Garry has been doing great with the music and SFX demos he’s created. We can’t wait to hear and let you hear the final versions as the game progresses.

We had a meeting with Alex who is just clearing up the rest of the bugs in the game and giving some polish ready for our demo. It’s still a work in progress like all of our other works so it’s still plausible that you will see bugs, glitches and stuff that needs fixed.

Looking forward to let you guys know our progress tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in!


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Ain’t Shaking No more!

After loads of discussion and testing Malcolm has managed to successfully figure out what caused some of our sprites to shake. He also taught me the method he uses in order for me to just take his model animations after they are rendered into sprites and make them into sprite sheets. This means the very next night we will have the pets into the game and cuts down some of the art work from Malcolm.

We still have a few tweaks and fixes we need to discuss with Alex tonight in regards to the programming. Which we are hoping to have those fixed and all the non shaky sprites added in for then. So it means our target is to have the video up this Friday night!

We hope you are all well and looking forward to our demonstration! Thanks for tuning in!


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Shaky Shaky

We know we keep promising a video, but we are trying to get it as smooth as possible. It is still due out very soon and we are one step closer. We now have the rock pet and background added into the game, however that was not without its issues as we have some bugs we needed to fix. We also intended to have the fire pet in its own area but we had an issue with the sprites appearing like they glided or shaky.

We have managed to fix the majority of the issues which means they are suitable for the demonstration, but will be worked on way before the final release. We also have a placeholder image in for our map, whilst we plan to change it and make it more dynamic and sleek for now it will help us demonstrate what we are going for.

Malcolm has worked on the fire pet fixing or redoing the sprites which means its really easy for Alex to just place into the game along with the background.

We even have a demo of our music and SFX’s as well as Pet SFX’s all ready in the game. Once the fire pet is in, along with the background, we have the pets overall happiness fixed and scanned for bugs, which shouldn’t take long, we are ready to start our video demonstration.

We are excited and nervous to show this off, but please keep in mind that we lost all of our original code and changed to a different engine a couple of months ago. So what you will see in a programming sense is around 8 weeks worth of work. Still we are very proud of what we have done and we will make sure its as high quality, fun, re-playable as possible when it comes out.

Thanks for tuning in!

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Working on a pet

Malcolms working on our water pet which is making great progress. Hes been doing a great job tweaking other stuff getting ready for our video.

Alex has been working on the bugs of the main game and we are trying out a couple of ideas. Including one which is to do with our music.

Garry has made multiple tracks including a Main theme, and a musical theme for the Grass & Fire area, complete with background SFX. We are really excited to let you guys hear it along with our demonstration.

I’ve been working out all the various things we will be doing for the next couple of weeks. As well as making sure the design is up to scratch based on any changes we made or want to make.

I hope you enjoyed our update and you will see content very soon.



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A new team member has appeared

Hey Everyone!

We would like to formally introduce our Composer and SFX Designer Garry! Garry contacted us through twitter last week, complimented our game and expressed that he would be excited to work with us. We checked out Garrys’ old soundcloud stuff and immediately felt the same way. Whilst the music he composed was great it wasn’t what we wanted for Monstrum, but we knew we had to contact him to discuss the game and see if he could create a demo.

We met up with Garry. Garry informed us that his portfolio was out of date and allowed us to listen to more of his recent work. Malcolm, Garry and I got to know each other and  discussed Monstrum and music in general for around 3 hours which was enough for Garry to get an Idea of what we were looking for and we actually discussed an idea in relation to the music, which if it works, would be really great.

Garry sent us a quick demo and we loved it, we felt it complimented the game and the vision perfectly. I knew straight away which area it would be for and I listened to it multiple times to make sure. As a result we decided to offer Garry a contract which he accepted last night.

So we at Alpha Revolver Games would like to Welcome Garry and we are looking forward to a good working relationship and sharing his awesome music with the world.  You can check his profile out on “The Team” tab.

Thanks for reading!



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