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Artist Update 002 – Particles and Liquids

Since my last post I’ve been flying through the backlog of art for the “Monster Mayhem” Mini game. One of the quick fire games required flowing water and smashing glass, neither of which I’ve ever approached before so it was a challenge at first. i think i did pretty well and the finished result is looking great. Here’s a snapshot:

Tank OverLaywm

Another task I had this week was fully animating the Energy Pet so he can be added to the game. I have finished his main animations but before i render him, I’m going to add particle effects to him and his movements. It’s something I’ve never attempted to do before so i expect there to be some hurdles. But nothing i cant handle. :)


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Small Update

Hi everyone!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks updates from members of the team. Garry will be the only exception to this rule, because whilst he works on the game he also has multiple other projects. Don’t worry Garry’s Music and SFX will be amazing and I am sure you will all love his music. Instead whenever Garry sticks something up we will post information not soon after to either let you hear or to know what was completed.

Today I managed to tie up some loose ends such as fixing some parts of our Youtube Channel, some PR work and creating another video for Garry who reckons he will have a music draft tonight! Malcolm is working on his 2nd Air Pet, and it’s coming along really well! Steven is working on the third level of the Party Game now called “Monster Mayhem”. Alex is fixing the last of the tweaks in the  Air Balloon game.

Come tomorrow, we will be holding a small meeting that will go over this weeks progress and what to do moving forward. What we will be doing is covering the third mini game design document on a programming, artistic and design level to finalize some of the points and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Thanks for reading!


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Lead Designer

Hi everyone. I’m Darius the Lead Game Designer of Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure.  I usually make posts through Alpha Revolver Games but in line with everyone else I will be making an Individual post.

My job on the project since quite a lot of the design is already written, include various tasks such as checking over any submitted work, especially from Alex, testing it and outlining any issues or bugs. I usually play multiple times to make sure I test multiple scenarios. Testing is all set up for when we come to test this version with people.

I revisited my third mini game design document and made some appropriate changes. I also do some PR work on twitter and around WordPress trying to make connections and promote our game.

I created a video for Garry our musician to demonstrate our Air Balloon Mini Game and discuss the SFX and Music that we were looking for. As most of the design is complete I work in the moment discussing issues or problems with design, art & programming and how we can overcome certain situations. For example I looked further into Game Maker to see if we could allow players to make a colour change of their pets without making loads of duplicates of the same sprites. Hopefully we can do this when I speak to Alex.

Any questions feel free to drop me a comment!



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Programming Update

Programmer Alex-

I am the Lead Programmer working on Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure in a program called Game Maker. 

My own work is progressing well. I set up Phase 1 of the main game and have almost completely finished the first mini game. All that is left is debugging a few small issues and some simple cosmetic effects. We are already getting ready to start on the 3rd and final mini game.

I expect that most people would rather see pictures of Malcolms art than lines of code but for those of you with a coding background I would say, imagine IF statements everywhere. Game Maker has plenty of built in functions that allow you to get away with just checking the returns of those functions.

Expect most of my posts to have very few words but I am happy to answer any questions that come my way.

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Hey! I’m the artist?

Hello there blog readers. I’m Malcolm, the Lead Artist for Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure!

I’ve been meaning to post my progress directly to this development blog for a long time now, hopefully this is the first of many posts and updates I’ll be making. I’ll mostly be covering art creation, but will cover character and level design too. 

Blog imgwm

The past week I’ve been firing out loads of art assets for the 2nd mini game. This minigame has come together incredibly quickly, So for once i was actually behind on art! The main challenges I faced for this minigame were getting the damage states and sprite speeds to look good a swell as serving a good gaming purpose. Like the Ice Block encasing my beloved fire pet, I spent over 4 hours chipping and cracking state after state until it had enough to serve the mechanics of the game. Pain staking work but seeing it in the game working at a high quality made it worth it. Here is an image of the ice intact and the ice ready to break, for contrast. There are 25 damage states in total.

ice blogAs usual I also went through and fixed any small art defects and artifacts, and added to other areas of the game, including the Air Balloon Game and Main Game dynamics.

I’m getting really excited to see the final creation this amazing team which I am a part of. I hope you are too!

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This weeks progress

We have come leaps and bounds with the 2nd Mini Game. We have a more solid design and we have 2 of the 14(aimed) short mini games in the party game working with the appropriate art. Some tweaks need to be made, but it scales in difficulty and it collects score.

In other news Malcolm has been making artwork for both the Party Game and the needed artwork for the survival option of our Air Balloon game.

Alex is now working on survival, but we still need a few small tweaks for Adventure mode before we can test/show it off. We nearly have all the dynamics in for the fire man’s section of the biome which we will use as an example for the rest of the biomes and the pet areas that reside within it.

I have made up a recording of the Air Balloon Game to give to Garry to start making SFX & Music for it and the base game when we meet with him early next week. I have also created some additional future design concepts in regards to Phase 3. I updated our Gallery and created additional cards for the game along with some PR work.

We have a meeting tonight where we will go over our progress and discuss our steps moving forward into next week.

Thanks for tuning in!



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