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Team Update

Recently work has been slow, but still progressive. Darius is partially on leave due to personal issues and the rest of the team have either been working or busy.

This week we will be working on the pet eggs, this will be a temporary model that turns into the pet you choose. This is to make which pet you get a surprise.

Then we will work on the rest of the dynamics. Malcolm will be away for a week on Friday so we will work on the new cards we can make based on art.

Progress to the base game & third and final mini game will also be made. We still need to implement AI, traps and some of the interface.

A new couple of tests will be up soon for you guys to check out, we hope to have them up this week so keep an eye out for them.

Alpha Revolver Games Team

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Short Game Design Update

Been working a few days this week, but I managed to get some needed things complete.

This week I have been working on the Testing document for Air Balloon Game. This is a self testing document so we could get additional feedback without having to schedule a one on one meeting via Skype.

In the next few days we will submit it in a few different game testing forums, as well as on this website incase anyone would like to give us some feedback.

Apart from that I have been doing the usual of PR work.

Next week I’ll be working on the Monster Mayhem testing document, similar to what I have done for the Air Balloon Game, PR work and working alongside Malcolm & Steven on any issues or feedback they need.



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Alex here,

Coming up with post titles is hard. So to simplify this process and make it easier to find post by me I’ll be calling my posts SPU’s now.

The first Short Programming Update has some very humble content. I have been working on the UI for the Air Balloon game in-level. In-level UI is just the the display for whats happening when your actually in a level. As it was, the UI had quite a few numbers floating around involving the score. It has less now.

Additionally, I was requested to move around some of the UI for cosmetic purposes. So… it was done.

The rest of this week will continue to be a bit slow. I’m doing text adjustments and playing with the depth positions on all the objects. After adding in the sleepy debuff some things need to be shuffled around.

-}Alex Out.

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General Update

The last couple of weeks have been busy for every member in the team in regards to personal reasons. Therefore the last couple of weeks have not been the most productive for some members and that’s fine, because we are quite far into our game development. We have a version of the base game, two out of three mini games complete. We have a working playable version of our third mini game and we know exactly what direction its going in terms of design. In terms of the updated version of the base game, we have added our features such as our care home, a prototype of our card system, a prototype of our shop. All the areas and pets are created and we only need to add dynamics or touch ups to the areas. Once this work is complete we just have to join up the base game and mini games, make sure saving works and that information carries over appropriately. The other big thing is just constant testing.

I recently got a part time job, which means I get out more, meet new people and be a bit more financially secure. This job will rarely if at any time affect my work on the game, as design is complete on all areas it can be and I have a constant window of communication with the team. The only reason it affected me last week was because it was also my birthday on the days I was off, my partner could only get the day after my birthday off now that’s finished for me things return to normal.

With the rest of the team, everything returns to normal as well and we will continue to work hard to get this game tested, completed and released.

Thank you for all the people who took time to read our blog



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Designer Update

Last time I posted, I posted under Alpha Revolver Games as I felt both my design work and what was happening at ARG tied in.

This weeks focus is going to be working on Air Balloon score interface. We want to make sure that the score is easy to read for players during the frantic game play. These changes are very minor and are just finial bits of polish to add onto the game before we get further testing feedback.

I will be working closely with each team member as they progress through the final elements of our game, from Steven with the treasure hunt game, to Alex who is working on the card & shop system, as well as the general changes to the base game. Malcolm will hopefully begin working on the art work for the dynamics and interfaces for what Alex is working on.

I will continue doing some PR work ready for points of discussion within the game with the team members.

Whilst we aren’t moving at the fastest pace in the world, we are making steady progress much of what can be done with design is complete until we are ready to put our mini games out for testing and as we come to various subject matter during group discussions about if what I have outlined is going to be the best possible way to do things. The team members usually have great ideas, that mean we can still get what we want but it adds some more diversity. For example the AI for treasure hunt game that I discussed a while back on the blog.

Thanks for tuning in folks.



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