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New wave of Testing

Talking with Alex last night, I went over the work needed to be done for setting up a new batch of testing. In the document I outlined some important features the testing files needed, such as developer options that can tweak the game on the fly without the tester having to exit the game.

Everything will be getting tested, with a main focus on the Air Balloon Game, Monster Mayhem and the Base Game, but users will be able to see the card system, the shop, the daycare and even our current, early in development Treasure hunt game. Whilst the treasure hunt game needs a lot of work, its important to remember that we also still have work to do elsewhere, especially tweaks and changes to the Air Balloon, Monster Mayhem and Base Game based on feedback.

Once the files are ready they will be made into one executable, meaning testers won’t have to jump between our different modules. The main kind of tester we are looking for is a 1 to 1 tester via Skype. The tester must have Skype, a decent internet connection and  Microphone. The tester will be sharing their screen as they play the game. If you aren’t able to do this, we will still have the file downloadable along with a small word document outlining some questions that will act only as a guideline.

When we have those files ready, I will let you guys know. Stay tuned if you are interesting in trying, for the first time the early demonstration of our game joined up.



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Game Update

It’s been a little while since we have updated, but we have still made progress. The game is now getting joined up, starting with the Base Game & the Air Balloon Mini game, this gives us a more solid testing foundation and we can see how the base game mini game match up. Both aspects still need improvements and more testing and joining them up will help us see that, as that will more closely represent the final game.

Malcolm and I went through all of his remaining bulk of Art work and listed it out. His aim is to complete the list by September. From then on its only art changes and art requests that we will need. This way we have the bulk of Art content out of the way.

We took some time off over the hot summer to recharge out batteries, moving forward, more work needs done on joining up the base game and air balloon game, its a hard task that causes a lot of errors and needs for fixes. Once we get those both to a happy state, we will work on the remainder of the third mini game to get that finished. We are still in the looking for a programmer so depending on if we get one or not will determine if we manage to squeeze some extra juice for the game or we wrap it up after the final mini game. If we don’t get a second programmer then we will release the game the way it was always intended, getting a second programmer only means additional features and tweaks since one would work on the rest of the mini game whilst the other made more additions to the base game. Hopefully we know over the next couple of weeks.



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SPU 10

Card stuff done just adding ways to earn the cards now.

A fairly similar image to Malcolm’s art update, but this is in the game working. Still need some kind of art/title instead of that ugly orange. Once we pick the font we will show the page numbers. We we also lose the save button, that is just there for some testing.

card screen

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Artist Update 025 – Card Collection

Darius and I finally got round to designing the Card Collection screen. It’s a fairly simple, 3 tabs representing 3 category of card and 10 cards per page. Locked (missing) cards are face down and will become face up when found. Cards will be replaced by their Gold versions when you unlock them!Card Collection Screen (Layout)

You can unlock cards by playing the minigames, being good to your pets and buying card packs in the store:

Get collecting!


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Quick Design Update

Last week we had a meeting to discuss the card system wire frames. Now that we have come to an agreement Malcolm is working on the interface and Alex is making tweaks based on the discussion and we should have a card system in place soon.

Today I was going through the modules (base game & mini games) and listing all the little things that need tweaked and changed so we can work through those after the card system and player profile system is in place.

This week I’ll be working more on the player profile page wire frames and start to plan our next testing phase.

Thanks for tuning in folks,


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The final drafts for our music, created by Garry Ferrier, are all completed and uploaded. So those are being added and adjusted.

It has been decided that the daycare is undergoing a few changes once again. We have an ongoing debate about what role the daycare fulfills. One one hand this is a pet game, we want the players to have a sense of responsibility, if everything is just handed to the player without any hardship then it does not have much meaning, no sense of accomplishment. On the other hand we want to avoid making things tedious. We don’t want to make the players work just for the sake of taking up their time.

Darius made a post recently about the Card System, I already have an initial framework set up for showing off the card collection, so all that is needed is adding the cards themselves as they are created. The actual process of getting the cards is the thing that is currently being worked on. I believe the current thought process is having purchasable card packs, possibly earning them when you unlock certain things in the game, and possibly rewards for accomplishing things in the mini-games.

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Card System

In this post I thought I would describe the card system and outline what I worked on today.

As you play the game, you may win a pack of cards or you can purchase them with coins in the shop. Packs of cards come in different colours, offering more cards, or a guaranteed gold card. These cards are an in game collectible that offers the player some lore about a certain pet, area or item.

We believe we will have a good amount of cards on offer, with the card count currently sitting at 105. Additional cards will be created using art assets, that still need to be created, as we wrap up our final mini game.

So as you collect cards they will appear in the card collection, which is laid out like a book. You can flick through pages and click through tabs (which break down the categories) You then will be able to click on the cards individually to see it in full size.

We knew people would no doubt run into multiples of the same card, so what we decided to do was allow people to upgrade their card into Gold after having 5 of the same card. This is great for all the completionist out there. If you still have duplicates afterwards or aren’t interested in obtaining Gold versions, then you can scrap the cards earning a small amount of coins, however you will require to have one remaining. In some packs you may be lucky enough to get a gold version straight away. If it’s a duplicate you will get a little more money than if you scrapped 5 normal versions of the same card.

Today I worked on the wire frame, which breaks down the user interface for the artist and programmer, and allows us to collectively see all how it looks roughly before work goes into it. Tomorrow I’ll be wrapping up the main screen of UI and then moving on to what the screen will look like when you are zoomed into a card, scrapping it, or making it gold.

Stay tuned folks!




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