Alpha Revolver Games

The Beginning

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So we are Alpha Revolver Games and my name is Darius. I will be keeping you up to date with everything that is happening at Alpha Revolver Games and of our progress. Other  team members of Alpha Revolver Games will publish their own posts about their progress here as well.

Alpha Revolver Games is an Indie Game company that is currently in the beginning foundations as an Indie Games Company and in the development of a game. We are hoping we can create games that are ultimately fun, because if they aren’t then we have failed in our top priority as an Indie Games Company.

The Team:

Lead Programmer : Sean McCurley

Lead Artist & Animation : Malcolm Ireland

Lead Designer & PR : Darius Ilkhani

Our initial focus is to create a mobile game for both Android and iOS within the first 6 months. This is to gain recognition and raise a bigger budget to focus on other markets and platforms. Our first game is for mobile code named Monstrum

Our end goal is to be a sustainable business, to be able to afford continue doing what we love and releasing games that we hope will be enjoyable and appreciated. We hope we can reach out to musicians, artists and writers both discovered and undiscovered and implement their art into our games.

Alpha Revolver Games also runs a gaming community and you can check it out here  Feel free to join the community and even take part in the games and events we run.

Well that’s that for our first post. A quick introduction to what we envision for Alpha Revolver Games, but we would rather let our progress do the talking. We hope you will follow our journey and we hope you will be a part of it.



Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

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