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So finally we are able to confirm some small details about our game that we are creating and aiming to release on iOS and Android. Currently we are using a code name for our game and that is “Monstrum”.

Monstrum is a game that allows people to collect creatures, from the standard species to mythological species. As the player you are tasked with looking after these creatures in their natural habitat. Players can collect other creatures, breed species even with different elements to make new rare elements. Creatures can evolve and players can customize how they look, including hats, Armour, glasses e.c.t. As some of these creatures will have humanoid appearances you can also equip them with weapons and other gear.

The player will start with one creature and can take part in mini games in order to earn more coins for customization and other unannounced content. The player can and will be able to buy everything in the game with in game currency that the player can earn from playing the game, completing mini games, looking after their pets or for new discoveries. As the player completes mini games they can unlock new ones and even customization items for their pets.

We aim to have creature and player progression within the game, allowing the player to upgrade their breeding ability and their ability to tame new creatures. When creatures have reached progression they can gain the ability to evolve, take part in higher tier events within the game and be able to explore other biomes.

There is a lot of planned content that we aim to release after the game launches. This includes more creatures, customization and content as standard. We also plan to incorporate networking allowing the players to trade and play mini games against other players and friends and allowing friends to be able to visit their world. We plan to allow creatures to be placed on a mini in game store that will allow players to trade creatures and customization items with in game currency.

In other news Sean has been hard at work on the prototype including creature stats and is in the process of Implementing some of Malcolm’s creatures into the game. Malcolm has created some impressive creatures at their beginning stages, before evolution. I have finished the design document and created some basic UI which I will be working with Malcolm to implement into the game.

Stay tuned for our progression and future announcements. We aim to release this game early 2014.



Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

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