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The days has been productive, Sean came back today and we managed to have the meeting. We still have the issue of implementing the model into the game where the models not functioning as it should. Both Malcolm and Sean have different theories but we should get it into the game soon and finally be able to test some of the basic functionality of the game. Its a bit stressful and even more so for Malcolm, but I know when we get it working he will be really proud.

Speaking of models I shared the concept and work on progress that Malcolm had created yesterday and we have a more solid model ( Still in progress ) that we want to show you today.


The Rock dude Malcolm’s creating, hopefully it will all be rigged up soon!

More level design concepts where sent to the team by myself today and I managed to go over what Sean had missed and explain my UI and the game overall with him.

The team is still really focused its not as quick as we like but its going really well. We need to still get a testing session organized. Never forget the power of Testing and user feedback from yourself, friends & family as well as strangers.



Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

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