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What word should we use?

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Today’s been quite productive. Malcolm worked on some Icons for the UI. This is concept icons which we need to show to testers, so they are subject to change based on feedback. We had to determine the best words to use for the menu section where the player can select monsters, mini games and other options. He also worked on our four core elemental display icons.



Sean has implemented some of the UI into the game and trying to base the stats of the monsters to have an affect on the portrait so the player can see the overall status of the pet. Obviously the UI wont necessarily be final and will need to function with a mouse rather than touch for now. That’s one of the benefit of paper prototype testing.

I worked on learning blender again since I haven’t used it for so long and it wasn’t my strongest subject, however I managed to create a tree which is a work in progress still. I also managed to do some PR work for the group and trying to get some recognition.


Basic tree, work in progress that needs more detail. Also going to create other variations of trees.

It’s going well as I said in the last post the main focus now is testing and making sure that not only do they work but that the overall concept is still appealing to the end user. So whilst we have three modeled monsters we are ready to present some of our ideas to the players.

Hope you enjoyed the update,


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Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

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