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New User Interface Concepts & Our 2nd Test

The User Interface has seen some revisions based on our feedback from our first UI test. Malcolm has made a new User Interface which we are happy to post up just now.


I have prepared a new test for our new User Interface so we can gather more feedback about the revisions that have been made. If you would like to help us out you can download the document here and email your results to

Please note we have included a picture of the annotated screen as this will not show up in the document for people who don’t have Microsoft Word. If you have a recent version of Microsoft Word you will not need this picture as it should be visible when you open the document.

I have also prepared a Monstrum Testing Workshop Document for us to use when we test the locals of Glasgow. We are excited to see how our workshop goes and gathering information to further improve on our interface and game play experience.

Stay Tuned


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Undergoing Testing

Right now we are undergoing some testing in relation to our User Interface and having a group discussion about our game. I’ve prepared some testing documents with the UI I have available and will continue to make more as soon as we have more UI to test. This week I have also created concept work for our shop and customization screens as well as learning to use our new Music Creation software. As well as the usual PR work.

Malcolm is working on the UI and any feedback that we receive from the current UI we have posted he’s also trying his hand at our new music creator software. Sean has been working on finding away to import the UI easily into our game so when we have our UI finalized we can easily import it into the game.

If you would like to help out with our testing then please simply download this document and return the file to it should only take between 5 – 10 minutes. We have more test incoming so if you’re interested in testing please watch this space.

We appreciate your help



User Interface

Malcolm has been hard at work on our games UI. Essentially this screen will be used as the Pet information screen, allowing the player to see which pets they have unlocked, all the stats and to easily jump to the pets from this menu


This is the Pet Information screen, essentially letting you easily see all the information about your collection and specific pets. This may be subject to change..

Sean is still working on the programming of the game and we are nearly prepped to create the video now that he has more assets. Sean will be guiding you through the mechanics and feature set as well as the thought process behind our ideas. We hope you enjoy the video when it’s ready and please remember its a work in progress and subject to change.

I personally have been working on assets as well as learning how to use Unity and its particle system. Still quite a bit of work to be done. I have also worked on some concepts for our minigames and how to combine our game play with a story or theme of the game.

Our steps moving forward is to have a big meeting this week in person to discuss and work on the game. This is really important step for us as it helps us talk and work on the game collectively as a group.

We really hope you stay in tune for our upcoming video


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Making a Scene

We started the day with the idea that we would build the fire world assets in order for Sean to have a scene to demonstrate our fire pet in his new video. Currently we have a platform in which the pet stands on, Other assets include a Volcano and a dead burnt tree, I worked on trying to create a lava effect which we would be able to place within the Volcano, however it doesn’t flow like a liquid but it may be good for debris. Meanwhile Malcolm tried to work on a skybox but he couldn’t get it applied into the game.


The fire area will be high up, This is so the player can oversee the rest of the area such as the inside of the volcano.

Other work that happened today included Malcolm working on designing the monster screen. I took some time to work on PR which included setting up our own youtube account to publish our video on and registering for a Kongregate account as a potential place to upload our game or at least a demo of it.

Hope you enjoyed today’s update,


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Video coming soon!

Today I worked on some of the smaller things, such as PR work, making a plan for our work progress every two weeks until our expected release in February. It’s safe to say it will be a tough few months but well worth it to witness the vision of our game become a reality.

Malcolm worked on some of the UI and optimizing the creatures he had created to look perfect in-game.  The fire dude is looking really cool especially now the textures have been applied in the game.

Sean has popped on for a meeting, and has explained that the creature movement is not quite there yet, but once he has cracked it he will be making a video demonstrating our game in its early stages with commentary to be released sometime this week ,so watch this space.

Thanks for tuning in guys,


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A game within A game within A game

The day started out with some PR and modelling a grassy hill area. The grass kinda fell flat on its face, but it was a good lesson learned. So after spending some time on that trying to fix it and failing I decided to return to the design board and write a guide to our game design. The guide consists of easy to read bullet points for the other team members to go over what is covered in our game and what happens when the player enters the game for the first time. It also describes the level of interaction the player has with the pet and what other things they can do.

After I started writing up some concepts for mini game ideas, some previously discussed and some new. I still want to add more games to the list and hopefully Malcolm and Sean will add their own.

Today Malcolm has been really ill with a fever so we agreed it would be best for him to take it easy and recover. Hope you get better soon!

Thanks for Reading 🙂



Playing with Fire!

It’s nearly the weekend and we enjoy them as much as you do, especially with Rome 2 which came out on Tuesday! So today we had our meeting and we where talking over various strategies and the game concept again to make sure that everyone has a pinpoint focus. The models are all in the game engine ready to be incorporated into the game by Sean. A few models just wont work and unfortunately I will have to return to the drawing board and try and rectify these issues by either remaking the model or finding the issue which isn’t completely clear. I also managed to fix up our tubmlr more and get some PR work completed.

Malcolm made up another screenshot of how we imagine the game to look in the fire area. This is a good representation of what to expect however we have lot more effects and features in mind to expand on the visuals of the game and the user interface is subject to change. I can imagine meteorites falling from an angle behind the player and lave overflowing from the volcano to make it look more dynamic as well as smoke and debris effects. We plan to have pools of lava that come directly from the volcano that dynamically flows through the land.


This is the pet interaction screen. Some UI is missing from the bottom left which is the menu selection. The UI to the bottom right wont be present when you in the main screen mode.

Sean is working on programming the creature to move around the area and has our animations implemented with the pressing of buttons and dynamics stats.

We hope you enjoyed our update tonight and hope you like what we have to show.