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Playing with Fire!


It’s nearly the weekend and we enjoy them as much as you do, especially with Rome 2 which came out on Tuesday! So today we had our meeting and we where talking over various strategies and the game concept again to make sure that everyone has a pinpoint focus. The models are all in the game engine ready to be incorporated into the game by Sean. A few models just wont work and unfortunately I will have to return to the drawing board and try and rectify these issues by either remaking the model or finding the issue which isn’t completely clear. I also managed to fix up our tubmlr more and get some PR work completed.

Malcolm made up another screenshot of how we imagine the game to look in the fire area. This is a good representation of what to expect however we have lot more effects and features in mind to expand on the visuals of the game and the user interface is subject to change. I can imagine meteorites falling from an angle behind the player and lave overflowing from the volcano to make it look more dynamic as well as smoke and debris effects. We plan to have pools of lava that come directly from the volcano that dynamically flows through the land.


This is the pet interaction screen. Some UI is missing from the bottom left which is the menu selection. The UI to the bottom right wont be present when you in the main screen mode.

Sean is working on programming the creature to move around the area and has our animations implemented with the pressing of buttons and dynamics stats.

We hope you enjoyed our update tonight and hope you like what we have to show.


Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

2 thoughts on “Playing with Fire!

  1. I like Fireguy’s design but he seems like he could do with more expression or personality to me. Not necessarily through having a face but compared to little blue guy he seems very neutral and unemotive. Just a thought ^^.

    • Hey Tom

      It’s funny you should say that as the first time Darius saw the 3D render he said something similar and suggested some wee eyes or something. I’ve had a few thoughts on the issue and decided perhaps ill make him burn brighter when he’s happy or more energetic. And he may even gain some particle effects which could become bigger as he feels

      My inspiration for something like this would be Calcifer from Howls Moving Castle if you’ve ever seen the movie (if not then you should ;p)


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