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What we have been doing

Hey guys, as we said in our previous post we are working towards putting our game on Kickstarter. We’ve been hard at working with the preparation of our Kickstarter page. We are implementing the rest of the User Interface in the next few days and we will start working on making some screenshots of the game in development. We will also be working on creating some Kickstarter related images to ensure that our Goals and Pledges are easy to understand and successfully outline our needs and vision for the game.

We still have a testing document ready to put out, however the User Interface is getting a slight fix to make sure its in line and consistent with the other screens, so once that is ready we will be sending that out.

Keep an eye on our website! Thanks,


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We plan to go Kickstarter

We have talked it over and we agreed we should attempt a Kickstarter campaign. At current we are in perpetration for our Kickstarter page and doing a lot of research for our cause. This is our plan for the next few weeks.

We also need to continue our development process, ensuring that we make steady progress whilst working hard to have something solid to show for Kickstarter. We will officially announce either when we go live with our Kickstarter or what day we plan to. Make sure you keep an eye out if you want to show your support. Even if you cannot make a donation, spreading the work around as much as possible will help when we have it up and running.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned,



Future plans

This Friday we will be deciding if we will be going down the route of Kickstarter. In preparation I began researching and creating content for our own Kickstarter page. The contents will also be available via this website as well. We are having a meeting on Friday and outlining a plan in order to ready the rest of the content we will need and discuss pledge donations and goals.

Sean has had some issues with Malcolm’s Rock model not exporting to the game properly, but he is working on the issue right now and will have the model fixed for Sean’s implementation.

That’s all folks, keep an eye out for our post if we do decide to go down the Kickstarter route.



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Recent Going On’s

Today’s been productive. I made some needed changes to some parts of the Shop User Interface we created as well as setting up a test document which will be made available soon. We are also currently undergoing some Alpha Revolver Games work which is partly related to the game but mostly in regards to the Indie Company as a whole.

Malcolm has fixed some of his own User Interface for Sean to now add into the game as well as cutting up the different animations for each of the pets.

Sean has worked on some additional functionality of the game and we are moving forward towards our goal of having our base game complete. The additions we still need to include are some more functionality as well as the remaining areas and monsters.

Keep your eye out for our test, which we really need people to try out for us in order to make sure it’s well designed and functional.

Thanks for tuning in!


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Today my focus was on PR and writing up information regarding Evolution. We really want to give players something to discover within our games so some thoughts have gone into making evolution secretive for some pets. This means players can chop and change around with different goals in regards to how they choose to evolve one of their pets to find something they like.

Malcolm has been working on creating new and changing old parts of our Interface. As we said yesterday ,that we will have upcoming tests coming soon which we could really use your help with, so please keep an eye on this blog.

Over the next few days our focus is to keep working on the User Interface and other aspects of the base game. We also plan to come up with some screenshots for our game should we decide to go down the route of Kick starter after talking with Sean.

Thanks for tuning in!


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Its good to be back

Quite an eventful day today, we managed to discuss Alpha Revolver Games and Monstrum quite a bit. We are thinking of going doing the Kick Starter route, however we still want to talk to Sean and get some stuff ready.

Malcolm’s being working hard on the User Interface getting it ready for implementation, we will need a couple of more testers soon who can fill out our test forms and you can find out about how to help if you keep an eye on this website.

I decided to start working out all the different statistics that affect the different pets we have in regards to how each element complements how often they need to eat or sleep. I also wrote some information up about the evolution triggers that we hope to incorporate into the game.

It’s good to be back at work on the game and I learned how to better use Gimp and rigging models in order to help Malcolm out more with User Interface and animation. We are back ready to get into action.

Keep an eye out folks!