Alpha Revolver Games

Future plans


This Friday we will be deciding if we will be going down the route of Kickstarter. In preparation I began researching and creating content for our own Kickstarter page. The contents will also be available via this website as well. We are having a meeting on Friday and outlining a plan in order to ready the rest of the content we will need and discuss pledge donations and goals.

Sean has had some issues with Malcolm’s Rock model not exporting to the game properly, but he is working on the issue right now and will have the model fixed for Sean’s implementation.

That’s all folks, keep an eye out for our post if we do decide to go down the Kickstarter route.



Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

2 thoughts on “Future plans

  1. I’d personally recommend kickstarter, from what i’ve encountered/who i’ve spoken to networking making a solid return with mobile games is ridiculous for indies, i’ve heard much better things about kickstarter. Besides if you don’t get funded its not the end of the world you’ve just wasted a week or so ^^.

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