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Attack of the Birds

Wow the mini game I have created is a bit hard, I messed around with the code for difficulty and all of a sudden a huge flock of birds come flying at the player. The birds, by the way are not the definitive object we will have in this mini game, it is simply a placeholder or it may be the permanent object we use. Anyway it’s pretty good, because the games difficulty is scaling. The thing is, I don’t just want an increasing amount of enemies, I want to have diverse enemies and environments, something that offers something new and challenging and a mini game that can be played in a number of ways. We want this mini game to not just be something to do on the side, but something you can enjoy in its own right.

Good news in the way of Malcolm’s sprite sheets. He’s managed to find a fast, more effective way that gets rid of the “shaky animation” issues we’ve been having with our pet. It means that animations are less stressful and easier to implement. The walking animation is getting implemented as I write this and its so exciting to have it come together.

Over the next few days, we will be working on the starting area and one of the mini games trying to get it up to scratch. So keep an eye on our progress over the next few days!


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Flying progress

I sat down at the PC a bit scared of the fact that I might be sitting at my PC banging my head trying to figure stuff out. I was wrong. I actually made some nice decent progress with my mini game. I would have a screenshot up, but I am using placeholder images just now as we don’t have any assets ready for it. It shouldn’t take too long though. Whilst the game is still very basic I am actually quite proud of myself getting the base mechanics down and now its free to build upon.

It was no exception for Malcolm either. After stressing out a little over some issues he had  making his 3D Models into 2D sprites, Malcolm manage to get the animations complete.

It’s all going really smooth and we are making good progress we feel that the game is coming together really nicely and we are very proud of it. It’s still early stages but we are happy with what we have accomplished.

Cheers for tuning in,


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Making Mini’s and Fixing Buttons

Today’s been pretty tough, I only managed to get some of the functionality into the Mini Game. I’m hoping that over the next few days of working I’ll be able to get a nice functional base mini game that can be built upon. Right now it’s pretty basic, but I am getting there.

Malcolm’s been working away at getting the buttons to react to the colour indicators and has done a great a job. He’s now working on changing the 3D models into 2D sprite sheets so we can see each of the animations when you press on the button. It will take some time but Malcolm always works to a high standard so I’m pretty sure when it’s done it will look great!

We are still planning on Kickstarter, once this demo is ready and we can show off some mini game prototypes we have in mind, but it wont be as immediate as we intended it to be, because we had to program from scratch. Keep your eyes peeled as it shouldn’t take long.

Hope you enjoyed your dose of ARG News 🙂



Our Progress

A lot’s been happening over the last few days. Malcolm and I have worked with Game Maker Studio and Susan agreed to become our Music & SFX Artist. We’ve also had a few e-mails from programmers, and if you are a programmer that is interested in working with us and know Game Maker Language then let us know via our e-mail:

Otherwise in the preparation for the possibility we do not find a programmer we can work with, Malcolm has already began getting the game past the point we previously had in unity. Malcolm was learning how to use Game Maker Studio whilst I decided to go on and do fourth year of University. Malcolm has shown me the ropes and I have worked on expanding my knowledge of the program. I will be soon creating one of the Mini Games for Monstrum.

Susan is working on the Main Theme song for our Game, which we are really excited to hear this coming Monday. After the demo of the main theme Susan will be working on the previous demo for one of our pet areas. Susan’s demo was really high quality but she said that she wanted to add some polish. Susan has also downloaded Game Maker so that she can successfully add any music and SFX herself whilst getting a feel for our development. We feel, overall that this will create a stronger relationship between the music and the game.

We will keep everyone posted on our programmer quest, but rest assured if we don’t find one, Malcolm and I will team up together to make sure that it’s finish, the only downside is it will take longer than we intended.

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Important Notice

Hi guys

We regret to inform you that Sean our programmer and the rest of the team at Alpha Revolver Games have mutually agreed to part ways due to time constraints. However we want to assure you that Malcolm and I are still working on Monstrum. We may be changing the engine, which will result in the game being 2D. This will not affect game play as it is purely aesthetic. The only major difference is when the character walks around it will no longer be in 3D. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it might actually complement the cell shaded look we are aiming for with Monstrum. Another positive about the engine we are using, is that we know how to do some of the programming. It will take us longer, so if anyone does have any experience with Game Maker Studio then please contact us at

We would like to take this moment to thank Sean and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

On a positive note, we have just employed the help of Susan who will be our Musician and SFX artist for Monstrum. Susan contacted us out of interest in the hopes of expanding her portfolio and sent us along some of her work. Malcolm and I were really impressed and went to meet with Susan to discuss our vision for the game. Susan was great, she was very professional and understood what we were looking for. Further proof came when she sent along a demo, that we had agreed she would make and we felt it fit our game perfectly. On behalf of Alpha Revolver Games I would like to welcome Susan!

Thank you for your support!