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We know we keep promising a video, but we are trying to get it as smooth as possible. It is still due out very soon and we are one step closer. We now have the rock pet and background added into the game, however that was not without its issues as we have some bugs we needed to fix. We also intended to have the fire pet in its own area but we had an issue with the sprites appearing like they glided or shaky.

We have managed to fix the majority of the issues which means they are suitable for the demonstration, but will be worked on way before the final release. We also have a placeholder image in for our map, whilst we plan to change it and make it more dynamic and sleek for now it will help us demonstrate what we are going for.

Malcolm has worked on the fire pet fixing or redoing the sprites which means its really easy for Alex to just place into the game along with the background.

We even have a demo of our music and SFX’s as well as Pet SFX’s all ready in the game. Once the fire pet is in, along with the background, we have the pets overall happiness fixed and scanned for bugs, which shouldn’t take long, we are ready to start our video demonstration.

We are excited and nervous to show this off, but please keep in mind that we lost all of our original code and changed to a different engine a couple of months ago. So what you will see in a programming sense is around 8 weeks worth of work. Still we are very proud of what we have done and we will make sure its as high quality, fun, re-playable as possible when it comes out.

Thanks for tuning in!

Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

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