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Wind & Lightning

Today the first air pet has come leaps and bounds as Malcolm has been working hard at it and he showed it off to me today. It’s looking great and I’m looking forward to getting it into sprite sheet form and having another animation video up of it soon. The work I have been doing includes revisiting our lore for the game, doing some general PR work and conceptualizing the Air area in blender. Malcolm is happy for me to do the Air area and then pass it to him for some touches and polish.

Alex has implemented the water pet into the game and all his animations are smooth and all set up. Alex is of course as well working on the Mini Game. We have a meeting with him tomorrow.

As we have had no immediate need for music we decided to leave Garry be, to work on his other projects, with the main getting wrapped up today. We plan to have a meeting with him after he has some rest to begin a testing phase and speak to the general public about not only our game, but for Garry to find out what people expect from the music & SFX as well as to hear his current demos and give feedback.

We hope you enjoyed our update!



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Pressing on with our Minigame

Yesterday we managed to flesh out our design for our minigame a bit more and have a united vision about what we expect from it, how it will play and how it will look.

We are happy to announce that Malcolm is working on one of the air pets, Malcolms focus will be to finish the model and animations. Malcolm will then go onto working on both of the areas, in which I may be helping to create one of them. Alex is moving forward with the programming of the mini game, with placeholder images until Malcolm is ready to implement the art work. Apart from the possibility of helping or doing one of the areas, I will continue to be evaluating the design of our current mini game whilst furthering one of the other concepts I have written down. Garry is currently working on another project as our need for music and SFX won’t be greatly needed until we have the additional areas in place.

Thanks for checking out our progress,


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Back to work!

Malcolm and I had a friend coming up to Scotland who stayed with me for a week, he returned home on Saturday and we returned to work today. Malcolm has finished his water pet and has given me all the sprites animations which have been made into sprite sheets which have been tested and ready to be put into the game by Alex.

Alex has been hard at work on our first mini game, which we will be revealing more information about in the future. Right now we are using placeholder images and testing the design whilst programming. Once the design is more in sync with the programming we will reveal more either in text format or when its in Alpha stage.

Tomorrow we have a meeting and a new version of the mini game should be ready for us to discuss as well as the entire game moving forward. We will be hosting testing sessions with Phase 1 of the game to get feedback.

Without further ado we have our video demonstration of the Water pet! Let us know what you think with any suggestions or feedback. We have not included walk as this was in a separate file when it was made, however it has been made and is just waiting entry into the game. Enjoy the video

Thanks for reading!


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Hey everyone

We finally have our videos ready to show off and you will be able to view it here! We have two videos. One that is just game play without talking and one which is the developer video that’s in depth look at our game. We recommend that you check out the developer video as it will give you more insight to the game and even though the other video is great it isn’t reflective of our final product and is still in the early development stages.

We really hope you guys enjoy our video, please leave us feedback via Youtube or in our contact section on this site. Feel free to share the video with friends or family.

Here is the Gameplay only

Here is the Developer Commentary 

Thanks for watching!


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Quick Update

Hey Gals and guys, we had everything ready but we still have one bug to overcome which we thought we would have today. We aim to have it up over the weekend or Monday.



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Smooth Moves & Applying Character

I went through all the fluff pet sprites. Whilst it looked decent before, if you looked at it properly you could notices shaking and different sizes of sprites. Well I went through them all and made them all exactly the same size and no signs of shaking! Next on the list is the fire sprites and applying the same treatment ready for our Friday target video.

Malcolm’s been working on the fixing up the fire area that I created to give it some more depth. A perspective of the fire area for the fire pet we have just now will be given to Alex to program into the game tonight. In the morning we will determine if the size of the fire pet is what we want and as a result it will determine what size I will be making all of the fire sprites tomorrow.

Garry sent us the fluff interaction SFX and that is now in the game. Garry has been doing great with the music and SFX demos he’s created. We can’t wait to hear and let you hear the final versions as the game progresses.

We had a meeting with Alex who is just clearing up the rest of the bugs in the game and giving some polish ready for our demo. It’s still a work in progress like all of our other works so it’s still plausible that you will see bugs, glitches and stuff that needs fixed.

Looking forward to let you guys know our progress tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in!


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Ain’t Shaking No more!

After loads of discussion and testing Malcolm has managed to successfully figure out what caused some of our sprites to shake. He also taught me the method he uses in order for me to just take his model animations after they are rendered into sprites and make them into sprite sheets. This means the very next night we will have the pets into the game and cuts down some of the art work from Malcolm.

We still have a few tweaks and fixes we need to discuss with Alex tonight in regards to the programming. Which we are hoping to have those fixed and all the non shaky sprites added in for then. So it means our target is to have the video up this Friday night!

We hope you are all well and looking forward to our demonstration! Thanks for tuning in!