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Our First Mini Game: News


Hi guys, I am going to be discussing a little about the first mini game which has a working title ” Air Balloon Mini Game”. Now the name is misleading because we plan to have more than just an Air balloon in the mini game.

The Concept (Subject to Change)

The pets will be in a vehicle either a Hot Air Balloon, Zeppelin, Airplane or Speed boat. Each pet type has a special ability such as fire wall, water shield, wind blast and rock thrower.

The idea is that the player is to protect the balloon from damage against enemies that are planning to attack the vehicle with the pet inside. We have multiple enemies that have different abilities. The player must swipe the enemies out of the way and ensure they don’t attack the vehicle as it has limited health and to get it to the end of the level. Some levels will have hazards in relation to its area type.

The levels are made up of the areas we have in game. The player has an end point they must reach and they can choose which way they would like to go. We have risk and reward for certain paths that are taken. The game is designed to be re-playable, so players can choose different paths next time they play in order to complete all the levels, we also have a star rating system which will net the player a special award if they complete all levels with the highest star level.

Another mode we would like to confirm is survival mode, which is essentially a level which is never ending and gets progressively harder with all types of enemies and area hazards added in. If you manage to beat our set score then you can win in game prizes.

We have the damage state ready for one of the vehicles we have in the game. As at current we only have programmer art in the game. The art you see is still a work in progress and we used the background of the Air area for demonstration purposes. The background doesn’t represent the mini game art.


Thanks for tuning in,



Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

2 thoughts on “Our First Mini Game: News

  1. Sounds great! Good idea!

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