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Testing Documents Ready

I prepared a couple of testing documents for our upcoming testing session. One is for our base game and one for our mini game. We want to test the mini game with two different people. Ones that tested the base game and ones that haven’t to see how they feel about the importance between the base game and the mini games. If you would like to test, keep your eyes peeled as we will be having a testing session soon!

We are having a meeting with Alex, who hopefully has the rest of the bugs and issues that we outlined last time fixed. If this is the case we will begin the testing session followed by a video demonstration of the game.

Malcolm changed around some of the pilot select screen User Interface. It looks a lot neater and less cluttered.

We will either post an update tomorrow or Wednesday in regards to where the game stands and if its ready for testing.

Thanks for reading!



Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure

We would like to announce that we have changed the name of our game to “Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure” with effect immediately. We also have a new banner/logo for the game. Older posts will still contain the words “Monstrum” however for reference this name is no longer in use by us.

New Name Banner

What do you think of the new name and logo? Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated. Welcome to our development blog of our up and coming game Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure. The game and its development remain unchanged.

Thanks for reading,


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Character Select Screen

Today Malcolm began working on the pet select screen for choosing which pet you want to play in the mini game. It will give you information such as, which element it belongs to thus what ability it will have, its current affection (this is because if you force it to play games when any of its needs are low you will lose affection overtime, once its empty the pet will refuse to play anymore). Other information includes, its current top score.

Pilot Selection Screen

Today I have been researching how to properly PR our game in relation to making review packages and how too approach reviewers. Also just general marketing advice for releasing our game.

We will be meeting Alex on Wednesday and begin arranging the testing and video demonstration.

Thanks for reading!


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1 Year On WordPress!

Over a year ago Malcolm and I founded Alpha Revolver Games, our intentions to become Indie Game Developers. Two days ago last year we decided to begin work on our first game. It was originally meant to be a six month project. However we ran into many issues, people left, we changed engine, we struggled with money and we ran into many other issues. I feel we have grown a lot. First off announcing on day 1 that we hope our project takes 6 months was just crazy, but that was our target. However like I keep saying it’s like many things, its uncertain. You never know what will happen and sometimes you don’t always find the most effective way to overcome them. Sometimes it is just circumstance and I guess we have all been strong and believed in what we are doing otherwise we would have given up a long time ago.

However things are looking up, we have since had two new members join us. Alex, which is our programmer based in Texas and Garry our Musician from Scotland. Both who have been amazing team members. These guys work really hard and have stuck with us and I feel I also speak for Malcolm when I say we really thank you guys. Even though they joined later in the project, these guys have made it their own and have just as much passion & drive in the project that Malcolm and I have.

Of course I really need to thank Malcolm. I don’t believe I could have designed or learned just as much as I have without him on the team. He’s kept me on the right track and has worked so hard. He taught me a lot of things and is not afraid of exploring options or learning new things. I really enjoy his artwork and I believe that when we come to release that other people will love it just as much as I do.

Whilst I am very proud of my team. I am proud of what I have achieved. I stuck at something and I still intend to.

Moving forward we still have lots to do before the game is ready. We do still have a target of 2014 and we believe that we will make it. We are all really proud of what we have done so far and we believe that we will have a really fun game play experience when it releases.

We still have a few people to thank in this milestone. We thank our partners, our family and friends. We also want to thank you for reading and being part of our first chapter of Indie Games Development. I hope we are all a part of many more good chapters to come.

Thank you everyone!


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Mini Game Progress

The programming for the mini game, in terms of features is pretty much done. We have found quite a few bugs that Alex will need to fix in the new version he uploaded this morning. We will be discussing those tonight and aiming for a deadline of sometime next week to have it finalized. This means during next week or the start of the week after, we will have a video demonstrating it as well as holding a testing session. We will put up the date of our testing session and if you would like to take part then you just give us a time out of our time slots and meet us on Skype. Through Skype we will require you to screen share the game as you play, so we do ask that you only take part if you feel you can easily stream it smoothly.

An alternative to streaming would be to record your game play and fill out the questionnaire. For those who plan or wish to test the game we ask that you do not watch our reveal video as your first impressions matter most. It may be obvious from the video how to play it, where as it may not be so obvious if you haven’t. If this is the case then we need to know this as this is the way most new players will experience it.

In other news, Malcolm has been wrapping up his art work for the mini game and has began the concept on his new water pet. More to come on that soon!

I spent some time just going through the new version trying to find errors or bugs as well as making additional cards, completing some PR work and doing some research.

Thanks for reading!


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Working Hard

Today I have been working on a new method of working so that our team is more efficient overall and to reduce any confusion with assets or update. This system allows everyone to see what is done, what needs reviewed and what has been implemented.

Malcolm has been working on the background for the new pet which we will include below. Let us know what you think.

Alex has been working hard on the programming side of things. The mini game is now only really needing a few bug fixes & tweaks and the score system implemented.

Garry is messing around with some new concepts which we are excited to hear, and actually sent us a great concept recently.

Dragon BGblog

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The Dragon

Hey guys,

We are pleased to reveal our new pet the Dragon which is a playable pet for the Fire Area. Below you will be able to see a GIF of one of its animations and how it looks. Malcolm has been working hard on it so any feedback is appreciated.

I have finished all the sprite sheets so it’s already ready to go into the game. I also spent sometime working out the scoring and star ratings for the mini game. Alex has been hard at work adding the art work and features to the mini game and fixing bugs.

We had a small discussion with Garry Yesterday about music and have a more clear and concise direction. Garry will be joining tonight’s meeting to discuss music integration into the engine and to potentially let us hear his updated music. Looking forward to it!

For now here is the new pet! We hope you like it


Thanks for tuning in!