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Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure


We would like to announce that we have changed the name of our game to “Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure” with effect immediately. We also have a new banner/logo for the game. Older posts will still contain the words “Monstrum” however for reference this name is no longer in use by us.

New Name Banner

What do you think of the new name and logo? Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated. Welcome to our development blog of our up and coming game Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure. The game and its development remain unchanged.

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Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

3 thoughts on “Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure

  1. Hey, I’m digging the new logo graphic! The new name seems pretty cute and seems like it would appeal to a younger audience, though I do have some feedback. (I’m going to be super nitpicky here so you’re going to have to forgive me). The Little Monsters’ part is a little confusing due to the apostrophe – It’s grammatically correct, (plural possessive) which is great, but it seems like it should read “Little Monster’s Grand Adventure” (singular possessive) as that’s generally the pattern those types of titles follow. (Like a children’s book). Gamers young enough to be drawn in by the title will probably think it’s a story about one monster and his grand adventure and not a pet collection game, (and will likely misspell it too!)

    I did really like Monstrum, (though I see that it’s also the title of a Steam game so I understand if you can’t use it). What I liked about it was that it was easy to say (“You should totally check out Monstrum!” versus “Have you tried Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure yet?”) You know it was about monsters immediately, and the title was unique that if you looked it up, (assuming that someone else didn’t already claim it, which they unfortunately did) you would only get results for Monstrum. “Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure” uses a lot of common words, and searching it on Google led me to another game called “Grand Monsters” instead of to here. You don’t want a name that will lead you to a competitor’s game instead!

    Anyways, I apologize again. (I was a professional Writing tutor for a couple years so I tend to over-analyze these things haha).

    • Hey thanks for the feedback! Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for pointing this out!

      Yeah we loved Monstrum as well. The company that has it on Steam is actually another Scotland based Indie Company that is also apart of the community Facebook (same as us). The day that they publicly announced this name, as soon as we saw it, we informed them that we had already had this name for 6 months. We had a few emails back and forth and the only thing they said they could do was to subtitle the name e.g. Monstrum : Something, however we felt this was confusing, especially since we are both from the same country and we had the same intended release dates. The company went ahead an trademarked the name before us. We didn’t have the money to contest so we didn’t. Hence the name change we have now.

      I do realize that at this moment in time it may lead to another game on the app store, but our name has just come into circulation. I think with another PR drive we will be able to make it stand out better.

      I agree that the words are common, we actually considered other Latin words and just made up words in general, but nothing really fit. We feel that Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure was light hearted and best encapsulated what the game consisted of in a gameplay perspective.

      No need to apologize, we value your opinion and its always best to let us know where we need to improve. It is appreciated.

      • Ouch, sorry to hear about the troubles with the original name. Though I do agree that Little Monster’s Grand Adventure sounds much more light-hearted and friendly. Monstrum sounds really cool but it does have a darker kind of feeling to it.

        Also I realized that about the Google search – I forgot you had *just* changed it so likely wouldn’t be easy to look up, haha.

        Good luck with the new name and I’m looking forward to seeing some new updates!

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