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Hey! I’m the artist?

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Hello there blog readers. I’m Malcolm, the Lead Artist for Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure!

I’ve been meaning to post my progress directly to this development blog for a long time now, hopefully this is the first of many posts and updates I’ll be making. I’ll mostly be covering art creation, but will cover character and level design too. 

Blog imgwm

The past week I’ve been firing out loads of art assets for the 2nd mini game. This minigame has come together incredibly quickly, So for once i was actually behind on art! The main challenges I faced for this minigame were getting the damage states and sprite speeds to look good a swell as serving a good gaming purpose. Like the Ice Block encasing my beloved fire pet, I spent over 4 hours chipping and cracking state after state until it had enough to serve the mechanics of the game. Pain staking work but seeing it in the game working at a high quality made it worth it. Here is an image of the ice intact and the ice ready to break, for contrast. There are 25 damage states in total.

ice blogAs usual I also went through and fixed any small art defects and artifacts, and added to other areas of the game, including the Air Balloon Game and Main Game dynamics.

I’m getting really excited to see the final creation this amazing team which I am a part of. I hope you are too!

Author: Malcolm Ireland

Lead artist at Alpha Revolver Games.

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