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Hi everyone. I’m Darius the Lead Game Designer of Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure.  I usually make posts through Alpha Revolver Games but in line with everyone else I will be making an Individual post.

My job on the project since quite a lot of the design is already written, include various tasks such as checking over any submitted work, especially from Alex, testing it and outlining any issues or bugs. I usually play multiple times to make sure I test multiple scenarios. Testing is all set up for when we come to test this version with people.

I revisited my third mini game design document and made some appropriate changes. I also do some PR work on twitter and around WordPress trying to make connections and promote our game.

I created a video for Garry our musician to demonstrate our Air Balloon Mini Game and discuss the SFX and Music that we were looking for. As most of the design is complete I work in the moment discussing issues or problems with design, art & programming and how we can overcome certain situations. For example I looked further into Game Maker to see if we could allow players to make a colour change of their pets without making loads of duplicates of the same sprites. Hopefully we can do this when I speak to Alex.

Any questions feel free to drop me a comment!



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