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Hi there,

My name is Steven, and I am the newest addition to the Alpha Revolver Games Team. My contribution to the project will mainly be on the side of Implementation: taking the vision of the team, and making it a reality. In order to achieve this I will be using GameMaker, and as such, will be Programming in GML (GameMakerLanguage) which is for all intent and purposes, C# with additional help for novice developers. I am currently working on the second mini game for Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure. Originally this game was simply called the Party mini game; however now that implementation is fully underway, we have given it a new working title, which I am pleased to reveal: Monster Mayhem.

At the beginning of my work on the project, around about 3 weeks ago. I was very excited to be using GameMaker for the first time, whilst also being apprehensive about how this would affect my ability to work at a productive pace. Now although I had never used GM before, I did not consider myself a Novice Developer by any means; having used Unity 3D and C# in my own projects. The change to GM was actually harder than I thought it would be, and it was due to the focus of the tool being directed at beginners.

GameMaker itself has been developed to present EVERYTHING in small, digestible chunks; and while this is great for beginners, it presented some challenges for me, someone with more experience, who wished to structure the project a certain way etc. In the end though, it only took me a few days to acclimatize myself to the projects development space, and I quickly started rattling through the project.

Fast forward to the present day, Monster Mayhem is looking in great shape. We have, at time of writing, 3 fully functional levels [referred to as Frozen, Build and Leaking], devoid of bugs/ issue for the most part. The game also has a high score table, a game over screen, and a main menu screen. Moving forward, we will be developing Monster Mayhem in 3 level chunks, taking a break to test the newly added content.

In the next blog, I will be talking more about specific challenges which I have had to face during the implementation of Monster Mayhem and the way in which I managed to best them 🙂

Thats all folks!

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