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Ideas don’t always come when you want them.

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This week, I had to really take a look again at the design document for Monster Mayhem and look at the shorts we had that make up our mini game. As expected when we had come to work on it, things will change naturally as a point of discussions as flaws are found and new ideas come in to motion. A big part of this week was thinking about how ways to salvage existing shorts ideas and thinking up new ones with the new constraints we have set ourselves.

Kind of like writers block, I guess you could call it designers block, I struggled to think of good concepts that fit within the constraints that we had set. A bad thing I started doing was thinking of overly complex shorts that didn’t suit the game theme and pace. I took a step back and just jotted the first ideas that came to mind without over thinking it so I could in return review it later. The problem I feel I have is I start to go over the top with something that I lose what makes its good or unique in the first place.

All the Energy sprites are ready to be placed into the game now. So stay tuned for a video or demonstration of it.

I managed to get some testing recently and have arranged for new testers to test it later this week. We tested both the Air Balloon and what we have of Monster Mayhem and the response has been very positive. However we have things that we will have to go through and fix and make clearer after reviewing additional testers.

Moving forward I hope to start preparing the group for attending an event to showcase our game to the public in November. More information on that once we have confirmed we are going. It will be good to see what the general public think of of our game.

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One thought on “Ideas don’t always come when you want them.

  1. I sometimes find that it’s easiest to come up with something super simple, and then make it viable. The fun in a game comes from the constraints you put on the player. I think this works especially well for mini-games and the like, where mechanics are the most important thing.

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