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Small challenges

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One of the things we have to keep in mind when coding this game is that we are planning on releasing it on multiple different devices. This means we have to make sure that the game is compatible with as many different devices as possible. The most important considerations for this is screen size and saving. As anyone who has shopped for phones and tablets should know, even if the devices run on the exact same operating system they can have a variety of screen sizes.

On the other hand, how things are saved is not something that people normally dwell on. Mobile devices have a much stricter restriction on how files and applications communicate with each other to reduce the amount of malicious software that can end up on your device. The two most common ways to save would be buying and running a server or having local saves that are a specific file type and are restricted to one space that can only be accessed by the one app. Purchasing a server is a bit extreme for our game as there are currently no plans for multi-player. Local saves are perfect for our game though purchasing a server will remain under consideration.

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