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With the addition of the worm game in place, we tested with a couple more testers for some important feedback for Monster Mayhem as well as the Air Balloon Game. The feedback along with the previous feedback I had obtained allowed me to write a summary of the issues that most frequently came up from the testers, either through what they said or merely through observation. Additionally I outlined issues that we should keep an eye on when the next batch of testers come to try it out.

I outlined the SFX and Music to Alex and how it should be implemented. I also outlined a checklist for Malcolm and worked with Steven in the design to programming discussion and decisions for the two new prototypes he made. Steven has been very informative about his process and it gives me a better understand of what he is thinking, as a programmer.

Moving forward this week I hope to flesh out some more of the design ideas whilst Malcolm is away and assist Steven, like I did today with any basic placeholder art he requires. I hope to start another batch of testing when its suitable to do so. Alongside this I will continue to work on PR for the game and ways to improve out ability to port to iOS and Android.

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