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Working more closely with Steven

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This week, Malcolm was away on holiday and it gave me a chance to work more closely with Steven as he demonstrated his programming skills and shows me what goes on whilst he’s coding the game and the challenges that he overcomes. We discussed the next two prototypes and worked out a couple of additional games. All we need is the art and the implementation and we will have 3 new levels to the game.

I outlined the music and SFX to Alex who now has the implemented, although some work needs done to get it just right. I also demonstrated to Garry with a video to show what we had done so far and the changes we were going to make in terms of the implementation.

Alex showed me the issues that we have to overcome in relation to different screen sizes. When Malcolm returns, some things will need to change slightly in an art sense. As it looks, it just seems to be things that appear to small on a small screen.

At the moment, and we have some additional ideas just now, but we are thinking of ways to slightly improve the base game more than just aesthetically. I have a few small economical ideas that I will detail to the rest of the team at the next meeting.

Thanks for tuning in folks!


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