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This week has been pretty light, given the absence of our artist, Malcolm. That being said, there has still been a lot of progress in terms of tinkering with new technology for upcoming levels, and churning out prototypes of current levels

One of our new levels is the first level in the game to incorporate physics. I am really excited for this level, which also features one of our newest pets. Internally known as the Dodge level, the player essentially will have to avoid falling objects.

All in all, we have, at the time of writing 4 levels which are fundamentally complete, minus modifications due to testing and feedback. In addition we have 4 levels which are mostly complete in terms of functionality/gameplay. All they need now is their design to be finalised, and art to be implemented. After that testing can commence.

Short post this week, hopefully I will have something cool to show you guys next week 😀

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