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Malcolmless week

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As already mention by the other members of our group, this past week was done without our artist Malcolm. I spent my time refining the main games code, doing a bit more research into how we want our resolution to be handled and brainstormed a few ideas to make the main game matter more in relation to the base game.

Those of you that have followed us should know that a very important part of the game is actually getting and taking care of the pets. This is an activity we do not want to be meaningless or treated as a chore. We want it to be something you want to do, something that will actually matter as you play the mini-games we are creating. The ideas are still under review but there is plenty of other work to do while we think it over.

We are getting more sounds and music to add into the game which really improves how the game feels. As someone who prototypes a lot of games I cannot overemphasize how much more complete the game actually feels as you add in the music and sound effects. Try playing a game with the sound turned off for a week. When you do turn that sound back on you can notice the better atmosphere and all these tiny little details that enhance your game. It is also fun to consider how sound designers make sounds, especially ones for non-existing animals or weapons.

Malcolm got back this Thursday so the work pace will be picking up again soon.

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