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Improvements & Testing

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A big part of this week was reevaluating the design of the base game. We wanted to up the quality in many different ways for the base game to make it as much fun and as interesting as our mini games. We also wanted a stronger bond between all other aspects of the game.

We have 3 different aspects we need to consider

The base game, the mini games and the shop.

The mini games have a strong link with the shop. You earn coins and potentially items. This also strengthens the bond between:

Mini Game + Shop + Main game

This is because what coins you earn, you can buy stuff in the shop and then the stuff you buy in the shop contributes to the base game.

The big issue we had was linking the Main Games & Mini Games strongly, because of the variations of games that we had. How does the stats affect the games and how do we convey this to the player. We feel we have a really solid solution which we hope to share at a later date once we manage to test it.

We also had a few other issues.

Looking after 12 pets would seem too tedious. Jumping around each day constantly looking after all the pets would require a lot of work from the player. Our solution was to reduce the maximum amount of pets to 4 at any one time. The player can choose to have fewer if they would prefer to look after only one, but still own all of them. The pets go into a daycare center. The trade off for this, is that the pets affection will decrease over time, but you can buy small care packages to give a boost back to affection.

We also wanted to have a reason to keep the pets stats up, if you don’t look after them, the affection goes down and if the affection is down long enough the pet will run away. If you do well looking after your other pets, the pet will return or you can buy it for a discount coin price on the store. Your first pet will never run away.

Another idea was to offer different eating and cleaning stuff. Everyone gets an unlimited amount of  basic free food and basic cleaning stuff, but these will take longer for the player to get its stats up and we could even make it that the stats go down faster. If you use your coins to buy the higher quality items then it will result in the pet being more satisfied more quickly and potentially longer, but once they are consumed you need to buy them again.

Apart from this and many more features, as we stated before we want our world to seem more alive. The world will be more dynamic and life like through the art and SFX.

Other work included working with Alex, Malcolm and Steven on their work to make sure that all sections of the game are synced up strongly and general PR work.

Moving forward, we plan to again have another meeting this Thursday to confirm our plans. We actually outlined the plans on Tuesday, but anything that needed reevaluated based on discussion, feedback or ideas was taken into consideration.

Whist I will oversee and direct the game as it moves forward I plan to flesh out the remainder of the shorts for Monster Mayhem and insuring the music & SFX for the Air Balloon game are implemented properly and tested. I will be arranging a meeting with some testers to go over my ideas tomorrow in order to get feedback and presenting all of the information I get at the meeting.

I also plan to start getting parts of the games fixed or changed based on tester feedback and retested again. We will repeat this process continuously throughout the project.

Thanks for tuning in,


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