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Yay for Physics

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In this weeks blog, I will be discussing the level I have been working on. Internally known as the Dodge Level, this level is the one I have had the most fun creating so far. As far as the design is concerned, this level was not actually previously conceived.

During the downtime we had, when Malcolm was away on holiday, I took some time to research different technologies, so I could take the useful/ interesting bits and adapt them for our needs. One of the things I started tinkering with was the physics system within Game Maker.

Eventually I made a ball, and had it bouncing off the sides of the screen. It was okay, I had the physics working as It should, but it was nothing crazy, just a tech demo. I then added one of our newest pets into the game which most fit with this type of game play; and it became instantly fun; to the point where I played with this thing for hours.

After I realised how much fun I was having with such a simple game play element, I proposed to Darius that we should build a level out of this technology. Originally my idea was to have the player lead the pet through a poorly lit, narrow path, without touching the sides.

Ultimately we decided that a better game would be to have the pet dodge falling obstacles whilst not touching the floor. The player would have to help the pet to survive for a predetermined amount of time in order to win the level. If the pet is hit by a falling rock, or touches the lava below, they fail the level.

Dodge Level

In the GIF above, you can see an example of the level being failed, by the pet touching the lava. This level has a lot of animations and aesthetic features in it, such as the lava bubbles, the rocks being shot out of the volcano, the pet shooting off screen, landing etc.

Originally, I was slightly worried about this, as the animations, and timing of said features had given me a lot of problems in the past specifically in the worm level. However, I am a quick learner, and I am pleased to report that there were virtually no hiccups during the implementation of this level; in fact as specifically remember thinking that it was working TOO well at one point, and was waiting for it all to collapse on itself, but alas it did not. Making this level has done a lot of my confidence.

Overall I am extremely pleased with how this level has turned out; really proud of our team, and looking forward to making more levels, facing new challenges, and ultimately releasing an awesome game.

Till next time,


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