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Artist Update 006 – Apple Thieves

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The newest addition to Monster Mayhem is the Find the Apple Thief game. It started as a simple “Find the Target” game which has turned into a fun little detective game where the player watches the pets run around an orchard. Keep an eye out for the pet or pets who take a bite to eat for themselves and catch them in the act! …But be careful accuse an innocent pet and you’ll be met with confusion and the real culprit could get away :O

I had to create entirely new sprite sheets for the top-down perspective for this game since its a first in Little Monsters. The apples are also in a sprite sheet, each frame with 1 fewer apple than the last allowing the thief to take 1 at a time. Steven did a good job making it all work together.

apple screenshot

Author: Malcolm Ireland

Lead artist at Alpha Revolver Games.

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