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We didn’t manage to hold a meeting with all four of us last week and we wanted to get some stuff out of the way and fixed in the main game before starting to decide what improvements are going to make it into the base game. We have had a really hard think about ways to improve it and we are going to be adding quite a few nice features and detail to the game. The connection between it and the mini game and the store will be a lot stronger. We are looking forward to getting to work on it.

Really all that is required of the Air Balloon game is a few more Sound effects, some slight changes to small parts of the art and testing. We can pretty much say that its ready. I will be looking for testers when Monster Mayhem has the 6 base shorts so I can test them both together. One or two of the shorts, although they are complete are not considered part of the Monster Mayhem base game and can be unlocked alongside the pet that stars it.

Everything is all set up for our meeting tomorrow, where I have prepared a document of features that tie into the base game design as I mentioned above. I also outlined a few more mini game ideas for Monster Mayhem and continuously testing Alex’s uploads of the Air Balloon Game, with the SFX and music added in. It has really changed the experience for me and I am excited to let everyone hear Garry’s work.

A big part of the music and SFX was to really let Garry get a look at our game and understand its purpose and what we are trying to convey, but give him creative freedom to compose what he feels is appropriate. Whilst I can tell a good soundtrack from another he is the Sound Designer and I feel he knows our vision well and understands what we are trying to achieve.

This Friday I will be busy celebrating my partners birthday and a friend of a few members of the team may be coming to visit us. So next week we might be a little dry on the updates and progress.



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