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As we mentioned before we were away on holiday last week, but Alex was still working away on the base game.

Since I have been back I fleshed out the design for our jump short for Monster Mayhem and fleshed out the Pie eating short that we should be working on next. The jump game has come on leaps and bounds (no pun intended) and we have a strong working prototype. Right now we are trying to decide between using a pet we already have or make a new pet from the 4 we have left to make, to be the star of the game.

We had a meeting with Alex yesterday, in which we outlined making the user interface for the care home feature we will have in the game. Malcolm and I had a discussion today about how it should look and what functionality should be available.

I managed to get through some PR work today and hopefully I can set up a few previews of our work with some websites who want to show it off and give their opinion on our work. We should have videos created soon when Monster Mayhem has its final base short done.

I plan to get some testing done this week and work with the team to try and determine a deadline for us to create videos of our work so we can start to preview it and demonstrate it to the public

Thanks for tuning in!


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