Alpha Revolver Games

Day Care Established

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Taking care of all the pets you unlock would become tedious for some people. So, we created a day care to store your pets. While you will not need to take care of your pets, you do lose a bit of affection. Make sure to take all the pets out occasionally.

Since we decided the player will not have to take care of all the pets we decided to add a cap of 4 pets “out” with all the rest of the pets going to the day care. They can be swapped out at any time. This also means we are changing the map. Before, every pet had a map peg leading to its own biome. Now, there are only 4 biome locations but the environment can be changed. The only restriction is pets can only go biomes that match the pet type (earth, air, fire, water).

This week is going to be bug checks and small tweaks. When the pet changes the background we want to make sure it does not end up walking through lava. Even fire pets have limits.

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