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Artist Update 007 – Pet Daycare and Pet Storage

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There was an issue that was highlighted during development about how many pets a player could/should care for at any one time. The Idea is you can own any and every pet at your leisure. But actually caring for pets was becoming a chore after having more than a handful. The solution? A pet daycare that you can store you inactive monsters. Players can still keep hold of up to 4 pets to care for manually, so choose your favs and keep them close!

I wanted to keep the art simple and clear for this screen as it is mainly for Gameplay rather than Narrative purposes. I had an issue with the spacing of the monster boxes, as originally we would have 11 slots in the daycare and 4 slots. This is because the storage will only ever have 11 pets in because having 1 pet out of storage is mandatory. Anyway I bumped it up to 12 slots for the sake of symmetry and neatness, and each box will belong to a specific pet.
Wordpress DaycarePlayes just touch and drag pets around as they like. Also I’m working on the art for a gifting mechanic, so you can let your pets know you still love them when you’re in storage! 🙂

Malcolm Ireland

Author: Malcolm Ireland

Lead artist at Alpha Revolver Games.

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