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Keeping up the Quality!

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A while back we were working on a mustache type game. However after much discussion we decided that it wasn’t going to be to the level of game play quality that we expect. As a result we have decided to scrap the Mustache short. This doesn’t mean we wont ever make a short similar to it or reinvent it down the line but we have moved on to other shorts since then.

Recently I outlined a pie eating game where we discussed it further and made it better. Recently it has been in development and is nearly finished with art work in place.  In preparation for this I wanted to outline ideas for games that would potentially replace the mustache level , currently I have 4. When we have finished the Pie eating game and after the slight changes and fixes we have considered for all levels is complete we will pick the next game to work on, which will probably be the start of next week.

I went through the Air Balloon adventure mode and tested as many variables of play as I could think in order to find bugs within the game. I managed to find a few which hopefully means the map is relatively bug free.

Tomorrow we have a meeting and we will be outlining how the base game is going to move on from there whilst getting to see the Care home hopefully fully implemented in terms of art and features.

Thanks for tuning in folks!


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