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A small Designer update

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This week I outlined multiple game ideas for our next short. Which we will be working on the start of next week.

Most of my work has been around working with each member of the team and discussing the way forward on each persons section and making sure it will come together smoothly. I also managed to get through some PR work and testing Stevens and Alex’s Builds.  Steven has been guiding me in programming department and showing me why he does the things that he does.

Moving forward this week I’ll be working on the sprite sheets to get them set up for the programmer to implement them into the game. I will be working with Steven & Malcolm to further 1 of the design ideas I have for the next game both in an artistic and programming sense, but also for designer input as they are both graduate designers. We are having a meeting this Thursday in which we will discuss screen size relative to the Air Balloon Game and fixing score display as well as the steps moving forward with the base game and shop implementation.

Thanks for reading guys,


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