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This week was a lot of the same stuff, in terms of trying to tidy everything up and further development on the base game. Again I was working alongside Steven, Alex and Malcolm to make sure that development of the game is going correctly. Alex is now working on saving states and a new easy test tool which will allow us to set up testing in a sped up version or have a version that players can play in there spare time during the day to gather much valuable feedback.

In order to add more choice and individuality to the pets we are beginning to implement different foods and each pet will have a favorite and most disliked food. The care home is nearing completion and only has a few changes that need to be implemented.

We already have the final short for the second phase of the Monster Mayhem game still to do. Even though we have completed phase 3, you may remember I mentioned before about removing one of the shorts due to us feeling a lack of quality. We now have a new short which features all 4 of the starting pets. Once this is complete we will be ready to demonstrate it and finally put together a video for Monster Mayhem, Air Balloon Game and the Base Game.

So really my goal this week is to make sure we get this complete and start pushing towards a development video and a trailer whilst pushing for the base game and Monster Mayhem nearer to completion.


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