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The new short which replaces our mustache game is now in Monster Mayhem. This means that phase 2 is now complete, and along with phase 1 makes up the intro version of the game. When a player first starts the game they will be introduced to the four tier 1 pets, from which they will be able to pick which one they want to keep. When they play monster mayhem they will be able to play 6 shorts which stars all the tier 1 pets. Each pet having an individual short and then the other 2 shorts will include all the pets. Players will be able to obtain additional levels by obtaining tier 2 and tier 3 pets, meaning that each pet also unlocks a new level for Monster Mayhem bringing the total complete version to have 14 levels.

I also spent some time with Alex and his progress, testing the daycare and apart from gifting (which is yet to be implemented) it works really well. I also managed to make placeholder stats which will allow us to test a longer version of the game, more relevant to real time with saving ,whilst at the switch of a button we can test the quick version of the game when we want to have small but quick test sessions.

I prepared for our Monster Mayhem developer video which we plan to record tomorrow, however at tonight’s meeting we will discuss the best time to release this as we need to set up planning schedule with Alex for the Air Balloon Game. The third video we will be doing includes the base game which will include both programmers, however some more work is required for this before we feel ready to show it off.

So this week I will be pushing for us to have at least one area to the finalized state as well as finalize the UI and map.

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