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Preparing for the future

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This week has been quite productive, we are now working on a new short designed and already in the works for Monster Mayhem for the Fluff pet. We went for a change of scenery and well when it is ready I’m sure you will like it as its shaping up to be a really nice short.

I spent a large part of my time working through stats for Alex in relation to the main game feeding, cleaning, sleeping, environment and affection. The thing about stats is that you can’t really know how the game will play out, so its important that you go for rough estimations and do plenty of testing to tweak it until its right.

We recorded our video for Monster Mayhem, but ultimately we may re-shoot it as we felt it may be too long. We are also planning to shoot the Air Balloon Game soon.

I can’t say too much about what I am doing, but I am preparing some things for the future as I had some extra time this week. Hopefully we can blog about it then.



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