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New Video & Designer Update

Hey everyone!

Instead of making two different posts, as we already had our post from Steven earlier today, I thought I’d combine the new video post and my update together.

This week we picked our new short for the Magma pet, which is currently nearing completion plus we managed to get a prototype of our new pets game “Petals” who’s game is pretty much working, but just needs art to be created and implemented.

I have been doing some PR work and getting prepared for our trailer video, which we had a discussion today about. Hopefully we get this created and out soon as we want to start the next process of PR which is getting previews and buzz around our game from now until launch, so if you are a reviewer then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I created the sprite sheets for all of Petals animations, and according to an email from Alex last night, she has been implemented into the game alongside Magma.

I have also been working on these videos adding a little editing to them, which took me some time to figure out. So now without further ado here is our Air Balloon video. We apologize for the technical issues of hearing Alex speak.

We hope that video was informative and we hope you will check out our future videos coming soon.



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Home Stretch

In this weeks update, I am just going to give a little update as to where the mini game we’ve been working on since August, Monster Mayhem, is in its development cycle.

At time of writing, we have 11 of 14 Levels for the game completed:

Module 1: Frozen, Build, Leaking

Module 2: Find, Pecking, Memory

Module 3: Dodge, Pie, Jump

Module 4: Rope and Dragon

Of the remaining 3 Levels, 2 (Magma and Petals) have been functionally prototyped to the point where the game play is as we intend. From there, I implement the art assets as and when I get them from Malcolm; this gives Darius time to conceptualise the final Level based on Malcolm’s design.

We are well and truly on the home stretch at this point; after this we will begin development of the third and final mini game planned for release with LMGA.

I look forward to starting a new sub project, and tackling the challenges it will no doubt present.

Till next week guys,


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Artist Update 013 – Forest Fire!

The Molten Monster has gone for a roll around a forest, unfortunately hes setting everything on fire. This is the latest installment of the Monster Mayhem series. Extinguish the flames before the entire forest burns down!

Here he is mid drive-by and about to burn it up.

Blog Roller Molten

This Short came about rather quickly. Although I did spent quite a long time getting his rolling animation to look just right. Another time consuming effort was the burning up of the trees, bushes and leaves. It wasn’t particularly difficult, but frame-by-frame takes time

Here are various burning sprites states from this game.

bush singed Bush Burntgif fo blg

Leaves singedleaves burnt

Next Monster Mayhem Short is Petals’. We already have an idea in the works for that. Stay Turned!


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Fruition is near.

So this week I’ve been doing 2 things.

The first is a task I pretend to hate, Bug Fixing. In truth, I find the process of others finding impurities in your work and bringing a lot of them to your attention all at once very humbling; which is good. It also presents opportunities to learn, and grow as a professional, which I always welcome even if I pretend not to.

I, with the help of Detective Darius, managed to squash any and all bugs we fixed in a timely fashion, as well as doing the second thing for this week, adding sound!

It is honestly amazing how much sound adds to the game. It is really starting to feel like a much more complete game; and I become more proud of my team every day, and what we are accomplishing with this game

As development is extremely iterative, you can expect us to be doing more of the same from here until completion of this mini game. wrapping up the final levels and their implementation, testing, bug fixing, balancing, continuing to add sound and make sure we dont break the game in the process.

I look forward to finishing.

See you all next week,


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Artist Update 012 – Petals

I hadn’t really thought about pets as having a gender before now. In the design process I’m rarely thinking “this pet needs to be a boy” or “this pet needs to be more feminine” I usually just take pen to paper with an element in mind and see what happens. So a lot of pets have turned out looking gender neutral, and a few masculine (I’m looking at you Geo).

But few look specifically female, which was an influence on creating the third Earth monster. Here is an early render of how she might look in the final version.

blog PetalShe should be in the game some time next week and will have her very own Monster Mayhem short soon after. Stay Tuned!


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Bug Squashing

A huge part of this week has been going through Monster Mayhem and ironing out bugs due to the additions to the game, such as general changes and SFXs which have brought up more issues. Steven thinks of me as his arch nemesis as you can see by the posts below. The reason for this is I just sit for huge lengths of time trying every possible way to break the game. However this does not mean it will be bug free and huge amounts of testing will need done to see what people do in the game. You will be surprised what bugs, testers will find.

Some additional magma game ideas were noted down as well as some ideas for Malcolm’s new pet. Which we will be revealing soon. So stay tuned.

Moving forward Alex’s computer is now up and running so I will be working with him closely to get the base game finished as we as ensuring Monster Mayhem is completed, tested and the third and final mini game underway.



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Business as Usual… Kinda

Hey guys, Steven ‘Indeed’ Warren here.

There’s no thought provoking philosophy here this week (but next week >_>….), just a wee update to let you guys know what I’ve been upto for the week.

So I’ve had a lot of personal issues to be dealing with this week, and due to the sheer amount of them; I’ve not worked as much as normal, which sucks. Even so, we still managed to get a level basically completed this week, the dragon one, only 3 more to go *and the crowd goes wild…*

In the immediate future, I will be spending the majority of my time implementing the music made by our super awesome musical man of musicianary-ness: Garry *yay! more cheers*,

In addition, I will battle my arch nemesis Darius “Breaker of Games” Ilkhani in a 1 on 1 fight to the death. He seeks to gather the evil forces of bugdom and glitchery against me BUT I… I will overcome his power with my technical prowess. *evil laugh, but its not really evil because he’s the one being portrayed as evil in this story so its like a good laugh or whatever o_O*

//posh English accent [ON]

obviously, as materials are made for the penultimate monster mayhem levels,*removes thin rimmed glasses* I will endeavour to implement them at my earliest convenience *takes a puff from his pipe* 

//end accent

so yeah that’s about it from me guys, check back next week for some more loveliness; cant wait for the music to be in >_<!

till next time,