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Short Designer update

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Coming back to work last week, I started to finish up preparations for the dragon short that Malcolm has showed off in the post below. As we near the end of creating our 2nd Mini Game and because Garry has some free time I made up a list of Music and SFX we still needed for the game in general, I also made a video of the 2nd mini game to give Garry some visual stimulus for when hes creating music and SFX for it.

Steven kept me up to date on the games progress and we discussed the initial difficulty scaling for the game.

I began to think of a few new concepts for shorts starring Malcolm’s newest pet creation (Also in the post below) which are outlined and ready to discuss upon completion and implementation of the dragon short. The sprite sheets for the new pet are also finished and ready to be implemented by Alex.

We are still thinking about our future in regards to when this game is complete and therefore a big part of this week I was outlining some plans for what we could potentially be doing next.

In other news Alex has had a hardware malfunction and is waiting on a piece for his PC to arrive this week before he can resume the base game work and shop implementation.

Moving forward this week I hope to bug test Stevens latest build and get the group pushing forward to finishing Monster Mayhem and getting the third mini game and shop underway.

Thanks for reading!


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