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Business as Usual… Kinda

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Hey guys, Steven ‘Indeed’ Warren here.

There’s no thought provoking philosophy here this week (but next week >_>….), just a wee update to let you guys know what I’ve been upto for the week.

So I’ve had a lot of personal issues to be dealing with this week, and due to the sheer amount of them; I’ve not worked as much as normal, which sucks. Even so, we still managed to get a level basically completed this week, the dragon one, only 3 more to go *and the crowd goes wild…*

In the immediate future, I will be spending the majority of my time implementing the music made by our super awesome musical man of musicianary-ness: Garry *yay! more cheers*,

In addition, I will battle my arch nemesis Darius “Breaker of Games” Ilkhani in a 1 on 1 fight to the death. He seeks to gather the evil forces of bugdom and glitchery against me BUT I… I will overcome his power with my technical prowess. *evil laugh, but its not really evil because he’s the one being portrayed as evil in this story so its like a good laugh or whatever o_O*

//posh English accent [ON]

obviously, as materials are made for the penultimate monster mayhem levels,*removes thin rimmed glasses* I will endeavour to implement them at my earliest convenience *takes a puff from his pipe* 

//end accent

so yeah that’s about it from me guys, check back next week for some more loveliness; cant wait for the music to be in >_<!

till next time,


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