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Fruition is near.

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So this week I’ve been doing 2 things.

The first is a task I pretend to hate, Bug Fixing. In truth, I find the process of others finding impurities in your work and bringing a lot of them to your attention all at once very humbling; which is good. It also presents opportunities to learn, and grow as a professional, which I always welcome even if I pretend not to.

I, with the help of Detective Darius, managed to squash any and all bugs we fixed in a timely fashion, as well as doing the second thing for this week, adding sound!

It is honestly amazing how much sound adds to the game. It is really starting to feel like a much more complete game; and I become more proud of my team every day, and what we are accomplishing with this game

As development is extremely iterative, you can expect us to be doing more of the same from here until completion of this mini game. wrapping up the final levels and their implementation, testing, bug fixing, balancing, continuing to add sound and make sure we dont break the game in the process.

I look forward to finishing.

See you all next week,


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