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In this weeks update, I am just going to give a little update as to where the mini game we’ve been working on since August, Monster Mayhem, is in its development cycle.

At time of writing, we have 11 of 14 Levels for the game completed:

Module 1: Frozen, Build, Leaking

Module 2: Find, Pecking, Memory

Module 3: Dodge, Pie, Jump

Module 4: Rope and Dragon

Of the remaining 3 Levels, 2 (Magma and Petals) have been functionally prototyped to the point where the game play is as we intend. From there, I implement the art assets as and when I get them from Malcolm; this gives Darius time to conceptualise the final Level based on Malcolm’s design.

We are well and truly on the home stretch at this point; after this we will begin development of the third and final mini game planned for release with LMGA.

I look forward to starting a new sub project, and tackling the challenges it will no doubt present.

Till next week guys,


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