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New Video & Designer Update

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Hey everyone!

Instead of making two different posts, as we already had our post from Steven earlier today, I thought I’d combine the new video post and my update together.

This week we picked our new short for the Magma pet, which is currently nearing completion plus we managed to get a prototype of our new pets game “Petals” who’s game is pretty much working, but just needs art to be created and implemented.

I have been doing some PR work and getting prepared for our trailer video, which we had a discussion today about. Hopefully we get this created and out soon as we want to start the next process of PR which is getting previews and buzz around our game from now until launch, so if you are a reviewer then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I created the sprite sheets for all of Petals animations, and according to an email from Alex last night, she has been implemented into the game alongside Magma.

I have also been working on these videos adding a little editing to them, which took me some time to figure out. So now without further ado here is our Air Balloon video. We apologize for the technical issues of hearing Alex speak.

We hope that video was informative and we hope you will check out our future videos coming soon.



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