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Artist Update 014 – Tentacles From The Deep

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The final Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure Monster has arrived, in the form of a tentacle waving, one eyed water dweller.

0001I came up with his concept yesterday while sketching out rough ideas of water monsters. I had originally wanted to create an Ice monster for this spot, but after a while of thinking about it I decided that it would be too far removed from the water biome and the other water monsters. Also “Ice” could potentially be its own biome in future updates, so avoiding it here could prevent later conflicts.

It was quite frustrating to animate this guy as his tentacles are made up of 14 bones each. So getting an organic natural looking flow in his animation took a while, and repeating the process 4x over was pretty exhausting. Well he’s all finished now and ready to head out and join the rest of the gang.

The other main piece I’ve been working on since the last post was the art for the Petals Monster Mayhem short.
blog petalsCatch the Petals before the time runs out! …or you might see ms. petals throw a tantrum.

Stay tuned for the Tentacles Short which is coming soon and will be the 14th and final Short in the Monster Mayhem series.


Author: Malcolm Ireland

Lead artist at Alpha Revolver Games.

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