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Short Designer Update

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Hey guys,

So I managed to get through quite a lot this week, I finished  up the sprite sheets, came up some ideas for the final Monster Mayhem game and started work on the shop design with placeholder art. This means Alex is working on the shop now and will replace my art with Malcolm’s art when Malcolm has finished up with some other tasks.

This week I have one other page to think about for the shop that will need to be made, however it doesn’t slow down anything in terms of having a functionally working shop. I also have the last pets sprite sheet to make.

We have a lot of work this week and next week now that everyone will be moving on to other pieces of the project with Steven going on to make a prototype for the 3rd and final mini game after reviewing the design. Malcolm will be going focusing on Alex making sure that dynamics, areas, shop items, user interfaces (including for the shop) are all finished up. Whilst working on some very small adjustments on Air Balloon and Monster Mayhem that we want to brush up on art wise. As that happens I will be making sure that we are all in sync and potentially working with Malcolm on creating our first teaser trailer. I will be preparing the last video for Garry demonstrating the last levels for Monster Mayhem for him. I also want to ensure that the touches that we feel will really be important to this game are thought about and implemented in a timely fashion.

Its crazy to think we are about to hit another milestone and the next one should realistically be not so long away this time.

Thanks for reading,


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