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Third & Final

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A while back I came up with the concept and design of a maze based game that involved the player finding treasure. Before joining Malcolm and I sat down and discussed the prospect of having less of a maze in the traditional sense and having additional mechanics such as enemies, making it out with the treasure instead of just getting it within a certain time, tiers of chests and traps. So yesterday we had a big meeting to discuss the general design, programming and art style of the game. In order to achieve what we want, Steven is researching the programming side of some of the features we want to implement. Once we are ready we will reveal the fine details about this game.

This week I finished up the sprites for the final pet and he is getting into the game now. I worked on the cards again since the last time I talked about it, and all the Monsters are completed.

I spent some time this week bug testing for Steven, outlining any bugs or fixes that needed to be changed.

Going on, we will be constantly improving the base game, air balloon game and monster mayhem in order to achieve a high quality polish. Testing will begin again soon so I’m excited to see what type of feedback we get.

Thanks for tuning in,


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