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Alex here,

We finished all the pets for now and are partially done with the shop. There was some debate over the appearance of items in the shop and what screen you would go to after purchasing a pet. We ended up deciding on putting pets in the day care area and automatically taking the player to the day care area for now.

There were several considerations leading to decision to take the player to the day care area. One key point is that the day care will always have an open slot. If there was no room we would have had to either design an interface for players to swap pets out when they buy new pets or just take them to the day care whenever it was full. So we decided to just skip that step by placing them in the day care from the start.

Another annoying thing is if we put new pets into a biome on the map screen there are extra checks that have to be done. As mentioned already, if it was full things would have to of happened that involve moving a lot of variables.

These were the two main points. There were some other things we were debating but these two points were the main annoyances and they could be solved with the one solution.

We will be spending the next few meetings talking about our third mini-game I am hoping that this game will be the one that defines the game the most. Keep your eyes out for Stevens posts on his progress in the mini-game.

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