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Artist Update 016 – More Content for Monster Environments!


After finishing up Monster Mayhem we have been taking some time to look at where we are all progressing to next. A couple of good team meetings later and we are all on renewed paths for the next mini-game, the shop and main game additions.

Now that all 12 pets are ready to roll its my job to get the rest of their associated assets sorted. wee icons, buttons and thumbnails. Also each monster has their own background that comes with them, and an additional background for each element. So in total 16 living environments for your little companions and on top of that each needs dynamic background and objects, like clouds, fireflies, thunder & lightning etc.

Here are two of the latest environments :

Meteor Landing (FIRE)

FireBG3 Blog(skyless)

Seaside Beach (WATER)

WaterBG3 Blog(skyless)

With weather, day/night cycles, and little touches of dynamic events in and objects the backgrounds will be brought to life making the simple task of looking after a monster feel much more immersive.

Stay tuned this week for more updates from the rest of the team and what they’ve been working on!


Author: Malcolm Ireland

Lead artist at Alpha Revolver Games.

2 thoughts on “Artist Update 016 – More Content for Monster Environments!

  1. Awesome background art 🙂 look forward to seeing more.

  2. Hey Cindy, Thanks kind words! Working on more as we speak 🙂

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