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Short Designer Update

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This week I had a lot of personal stuff to sort out, however we managed to get things done.

I re sized the rock pet as I felt he was too small. I changed it to a square sprite so it was much easier to do a quick re size in future if we ever needed it.

We had a couple of big meetings about both the base game and the treasure hunt game. Malcolm and I discussed the different areas and the potential dynamic. It was important to me that whilst the big things are great its the little details that are important as well. The new areas and dynamics are shaping up nicely. In terms of the treasure hunt game we have thought about maybe having a main enemy rather than multiple has a bunch of enemies and traps might be too much and might make the game more annoying than fun. Our Treasure hunt game is procedural generated in terms of dungeon layout which means that no two playthroughs should be the same.

We are starting to get the fixes and new SFX from Garry for Monster Mayhem so our next stage of testing will begin very soon. If you are interested make sure to comment below.

Moving forward I need to ensure that the base game and Treasure hunt game goes smoothly and sticks to the design and at a good pace. I have done a lot of preparation for our future in terms of having around 10 new game ideas after a few more ideas we will discuss what the next step is and whilst prioritizing Little Monsters, I will be setting up our next project and look for potential funding.

Thanks for tuning in folks,


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