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Artist Update 017 – More Base Content

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I’ve been looking over the dynamics we have in so far, giving feedback to Alex on some recommended tweaks. And so far so good. Things are coming together in the base game. in addition to the 10 Backgrounds I’ve made some more :

Electric Nodes (AIR)

In this Background the nodes will be struck with lightning and burst with light at irregular intervals.

Air BG3(skyless)

Flower Fields (EARTH)

This Background will have petals floating in the wind and perhaps more fire flies, or other insects like bees perhaps. We will see.

GRASS BG 3(skyless)
I still have 4 more BGs to make, but they will be unique un-lockables for each biome. I have a few Ideas on how they will look. Check back next week to see what I whip up.


Author: Malcolm Ireland

Lead artist at Alpha Revolver Games.

One thought on “Artist Update 017 – More Base Content

  1. I look forward to seeing the nodes in action for a future update ^^ I like the sound of the effects you have planned!

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